Vinyl Fabric Choices for Upholstered Furniture are designed to go with our dining room chairs and soft seating ranges and offer a hard-wearing fabric that is both attractive and suitable for commercial premises.  The Chieftain and Camira types of vinyl are used worldwide.

Vinyl Fabrics for upholstered furniture.

Due to the vast ever-changing fabrics available, we do not hold swatches of the materials though we have listed the main manufacturers below so that you can obtain a swatch or sample as required.

Camira UK

Camira healthcare fabrics and types of vinyl are designed to look good, feel soft and work hard.

We provide an expanding portfolio of new products, suitable for end-use areas requiring extra protection such as nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.

Our healthcare upholstery products are the result of extensive research and development, creating market lead offerings but with the usual Camira twist. From bright colours and dementia friendly designs to the use of our own recycled polyester waste in many of the patterns, we’re really out to shake things up! And of course, all our treated products are waterproof, stainproof, flameproof and germproof.

Whether you want to scrub it, wash it or just wipe it down quickly, our fabrics and types of vinyl provide safe, practical and beautiful upholstery solutions.


We have a couple of pattern cards that you can download from our site.

fabric swatches 600px

Chieftain Pattern Card

Just Colour Vinyls

These are just a small selection and if you have your fabric we can also work with that.