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Absorbency Products

Absorbent Spill kits

A variety of spill kits available to suit many absorbency applications. They come in handy hard wearing, shoulder or clip close bags and wheelie bins to enable refills to easily replace contents in the future. All manufactured to BS 7959 1:2000.

Five quick response kits along with Refill kits available

GP (General Purpose)

Absorbs most industrial type fluids including non aggressive chemicals manufactured from recycled material these pads are both strong and highly absorbent.

Sorbents colour code Grey

OP (Oil Purpose)

Absorbs oils while repelling water due to the hydrophobic material they are manufactured from. Strong polypropylene fibre content which resists tearing and disintegration.

Sorbents colour code White

CP (Chemical Purpose)

In the case of unidentified chemicals, these are capable of absorbing any spillage type. Manufactured froma strong polypropylene material.

ADR Transit Safety Absorbents

ADR kits are specifically designed to cope with spillages that occur when in transit.

Transit safety absorbents

Standard Features:

  • Specially made up for use when transporting hazardous liquids
  • Safety for both personnel and environment

Optional Features:

  • Bespoke kits made to order
  • GADR Crew – Torch, Gloves, Goggles and Hi-Vis Vest
  • GADR Drainseal – Drainmat, sealant, Container and Shovel
  • GADR CEquipment – Incorporates many absorbent types
  • GADR Spill Kit– 20 Pads, 2 Socks, Cushion, Sealing Putty, Disposable Bag & Ties

Absorbent Pads & Booms

These versatile absorbent products can be utilised within many applications to absorb any known liquids. Booms and pads are generally used to contain and absorb liquid with a variety of situations. These products are strong and highly absorbent.

Absorbent pads and snakes

Various packs for Maintenance, Oil only and Chemical Spillages

Oil Absorbent Granules

Suitable industry proven all rounder for absorption of oils, liquids, chemicals, petrol, diesel and much more. Remains granular even when saturated ensuring efficient clean up and reduce mess.

Oil absorbent granules

Available in 10 litres sacks as shown and a pallet of 630 litres weighing 215kg