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The Treston Workbenches and Workstations comprise the following ranges WB UDL 200kg(adaptable to a large variety of tasks), Concept UDL 500kg(suitable for heavy loads), TP/TPH UDL 300kg ( easy to equip and wide range of accessories)

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The WB workbench has been designed for use in demanding assembly environments. The concept is one of simplicity and good ergonomics, allowing each bench to be adapted to a variety of tasks.


Electric motor, manual hand crank or allen key height adjustment cater for standing or seated users, while the

generous worktop depth and broad accessory range ensure that everything is within easy reach. Another feature

of this new design is the flush bench footprint; benches can be placed side-by-side, back-to-back, or right up against walls with no unnecessary gaps. 

You can design your workstation to meet your needs perfectly.

Worktop height can be adjusted between 700-1100 mm.

The adjustment system in both cases utilises interlocking aluminium profiles, providing a strong, rigid frame. 

Steel frame parts are epoxy powder coated light grey paint, RAL 7035. 

Worktops are of 25 mm laminated particle board, adjustable feet are provided for bench levelling.


  • Ergonomic and easily adjustable
  • Suitable for use in demanding assembly environments
  • Adaptable to a large variety of tasks
  • Offering a wide range of accessories to meet any need

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Concept workbenches are designed for the needs of the electronics industry, where ergonomic qualities are the most important requirement. There are many possible adjustments, all components fit together seamlessly, and each detail is practical in use.


The workstation adapts to the work process and the needs of the operator. As a result all movements of the operator

can be optimised, which in turn increases performance and productivity and decreases work-related stress.

Modular design provides total integration with the existing system and the potential to flexibly adapt to changes in the environment. 

Concept workbenches are typically used in work such as assembly, quality control, and repair and are also available in motorised and hand crank versions.


  • Ergonomic and highly adaptable to the needs of the user
  • Flexible to changes thanks to the modular design
  • Suitable for heavy loads
  • Offering a wide range

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The classically designed TP workbench is the ideal basic bench, the simplest and the most cost-effective option in our range of workbenches. 


TP workbenches are standard benches that are suitable for a broad range of tasks and environments when fitted with accessories:

testing, packing, repairing, inspecting. 

The TP bench is guaranteed for regular use with loads up to 300 kg.

Designed for use in today’s production and assembly environments, this definitive modular system, developed over more than 35 years, provides a high quality working environment. 

Customise your workstation to your own requirements.

Infinite height adjustment

The height of workbenches in our TP range can be adjusted from 650 to 900 mm, which makes these benches suitable for work while sitting or standing.

Packing is a typical example of work where the workbench height must be set correctly for the height of the user.


  • Steel structure
  • A cost-effective option to start with
  • Easy to equip with a variety of accessories
  • Concept accessories available


Ergonomics in the Workplace

Costs associated with health and safety problems are an ever increasing concern to all industries. This concern drives industries to seek solutions to provide a healthy, safe and productive working environment. Designing a workplace with ergonomics in mind improves the employee’s well-being which in turn improves productivity.

The modular design of Treston Group workstations enables proper ergonomics. 

With a wide range of accessories and adjustments we can provide customers with a customized solution using standard components. Modularity and accessories are individually adjustable according to the task and operator requirements.


The aim is to create an uncluttered workstation and utilise the available workspace as efficiently as possible.

Treston Group’s workstations and accessories can be adjusted for operators of different heights working with left or right hand. Correctly adjusted workstations decrease stress in the muscles and enable productive work throughout the shift.

Please do remember that ergonomy is not only adjusting your chair. Real ergonomy has to do with proper lighting, noise absorption, body movements and air quality.

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