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Alcoves and Pods

fence acoustic furniture

In the last 5 years the requirement for attractive private spaces inside a building have become more popular and we at Merlin were one of the first to display the systems on our pages. We now have the widest range of acoustic pods and alcoves available within the UK.

 It is always difficult to decide how to categorise the Hive system as it fits under seating, office screens and possibly partition categories.

As with most of the new alcove type seating systems the base is comprised of a standard soft seating range and then the sides or walls are added to produce the alcove or pod.

The advantages of this type of seating arrangement is that it provides the following;

  • Seclusion when needed
  • A comfortable meeting area
  • Breakout area
  • Place for Study and contemplation
  • Dynamic Reception space

Multi-functional the Hive range is perfect for Universities, Airports, Libraries, Offices and Lounges. The alcoves can be for an individual allowing them freedom to plan their next campaign or for a group to discuss future plans in an area that will inspire and offer visual, acoustic and territorial privacy.


A room shot of the comfortable soft seating range used as the base of the hive alcove or pod.


Because of the modularity if the system it can be designed in several shapes and incorporate audio visual equipment along with tables for holding work and drinks.


Acoustic study pods

Download the Leaflet for this range of acoustic Pods

The new study carrels shown above allow an attractive area for students to work.

The office environment has evolved and open plan spaces are more popular than ever. Our acoustic solutions can help you create areas within an office that limit noise and promote privacy without losing any of the benefits of open plan working. Choose from our variety of pods, hubs and walls to make your work space work for you.

Suggested Uses/Environments

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Reception Areas
  • Break Out/Open Plan Areas

As well as the upholstered alcoves and pods we have our wooden range that provides storage on the outside and seating inside. Please ask about the Nexus Curved range or visit the library shelving page for more information.

curved wooden shelving and privacy pod

Download the Breakout and Landscapes Brochure