ATEX Forklift Attachments

ATEX forklift attachments

ATEX fork lift attachments work with your existing ATEX handling equipment to comply with the directives for handling goods in potentially explosive surroundings. As well as the standard forklift attachments we also supply ATEX compliant attachments manufactured from spark proof stainless steel.

If you are using your forklift attachment or piece of material handling equipment in a potentially hazardous and explosive atmosphere, then you must ensure that your equipment will not cause an explosion during routine operation. Hazardous areas exist where a potentially explosive mix of air and flammable gasses or air and dust or air, dust and gasses may occur.


Spark Resistant and ATEX Rated Forklift Attachments


In such environments, your forklift attachment or material handling equipment must be ATEX certified as required by the EU directive 94/9/EC (more commonly known as the ATEX directive)


Under the ATEX directive, hazardous areas are divided into Zones according to the likelihood of a potentially explosive atmosphere being present


With a growing portfolio of ATEX approved forklift attachments and material handling solutions, we have experience in manufacturing our forklift attachments to conform to the stringent requirements needed for working in such hazardous and explosion proof environments.


From drum handlers to fork extensions, Zone 0 to Zone 22, we can manufacture our attachments entirely from spark proof stainless steel, fully certificated to comply with the ATEX Directive.


For an explanation of the different Zone classifications, please refer to the information below, and if you need an attachment for working in any of these hazardous zones, then please do not hesitate to contact ourselves, we would be happy to help


  • Zone 0 (gases / vapours)

  • Zone 1 (gases / vapours)

  • Zone 2 (gases / vapours)

  • Zone 20 (dusts)

  • Zone 21 (dusts)

  • Zone 22 (dusts)


You can be assured our ATEX certified attachments;

  • Will be manufactured entirely from spark proof stainless steel
  • Will come ‘CE’ marked
  • Will bear the Distinctive ATEX mark (EX in hexagon)

 Please download or view the ATEX forklift attachments datasheet.

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