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Baby and Toddler Scales

baby medical measurement

Baby scales – approved as a medical device and with EC type approval class III for professional use in medical diagnostics available for baby’s and toddlers. Manufactured in Germany with over 170 years of experience in measuring apparatus.

 baby scales


Verification class III (verification is optional)

  • Approved as a medical device according to 93/42/EEC
  • Popular in paediatrics, because it has a large weighing pan, which is ergonomically rounded and therefore ideally suited for weighing neonates
  • Special function for neonatology centres:

Difference function for calculating the weight gain before and after feeding

  •  Robust ABS plastic. For easy and hygienic cleaning
  •  Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet
  •  Hold function:

When patients do not lie completely still, a stable weight is calculated using an average weight and this is then “frozen”. This means that you have sufficient time to attend to the young patient first and then take the weight reading in peace

· Battery- or mains-powered, rechargeable battery operation optional

Technical Data

  •  Back lit LCD display, digit height 25 mm
  •  Dimensions of tray W x D x H 600 x 280 x 55 mm
  •  Overall dimensions W x D x H 600 x 400 x 110 mm
  •  Overall dimensions incl. optional height rod W  x D x H 890 x 470 x 175 mm
  •  Battery operation possible, 6 x 1.5V AA, not included, operating time up to 20 h
  •  Mains adaptor (external) included
  •  Net weight approx. 5.5 kg

Available in 2 models

MBC 15K2DM maximum weight 6/15kg – readout 0.002/0.005kg

MBC 20K10M maximum weight 20kg – readout 0.01kg

Removable tray enables use as a scale for infants as well

toddler precision scales

Economy Baby Scale

affordable baby scales


Ergonomic tray with high side walls for the safe weighing of neonates

  •  Robust plastic tray
  •  For easy and hygienic cleaning
  •  Particularly flat design
  •  Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet
  •  Simple and convenient 1-key operation
  •  Automatic Data hold function: When the weighing value remains unchanged the weight indicated on the display is automatically “frozen” for 10 sec. This leaves sufficient time to read the weight.

Technical Data

  •  LCD display, digit height 15 mm
  •  Dimensions of tray W x D 460 x 260 mm
  •  Overall dimensions W x D x H 560 x 350 x 88 mm
  •  Batteries included, 4 x 1.5V AA, operating time up to 200 h
  •  Net weight approx. 2 kg


Cleaning cloths, alcohol-free cloths for wipe disinfectant, quick-acting, on basis of modern quaternary ammonium compounds, and also against papova viruses.

Particularly gentle on materials, and therefore very well suited for the disinfection of alcohol sensitive medical products.

Fulfil the legal requirements for occupational safety in accordance with TRGS 525/540. Packaging contents 80 pcs., size 20×22 cm per cloth