Bar and Sheet Material Storage

Bar and Sheet Material Storage

Storage solutions for bar and sheet materials. Fully welded steel construction and available in a variety of colours, the range includes: Bar Cradles, Horizontal sheet and bar racks,Heavy duty sheet and bar racks,Pigeon hole storage.


  • Bar Cradles
    Flexible system for any length of steel angle, bar and tube.
  • Horizontal Bar Racks
    Five storage levels designed for manual loading, with horizontal or tilted arms.
  • Heavy Duty Bar Racks
    Free standing heavy duty horizontal bar racks with six storage levels for steel bar, tube or sections.
  • Pigeon Hole Bar Racks
    Fifteen pigeon holes providing dense storage for mixed bars, tube, strips or sections.
  • Bar Trolleys
    Mobile horizontal storage for lengths of bar, tube or other suitable materials.
  • Vertical Storage Racks
    Vertical storage for instant stock accessibility of bar, pipe, strip, angle or any lengths of materials.
  • Horizontal Sheet Rack
    Five levels of storage of sheet steel or boards.
  • Vertical Sheet Racks
    Vertical storage of materials stored in individual bays.


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Bar and Sheet Storage