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Industrial Belt Conveyors

swan necked belt conveyor

Industrial belt conveyors. Manufactured in the UK and supplying a wide range of light to heavy-duty models, as well as custom belt conveyors for specialist applications. Belt conveyors are ideal for the powered transport of both uniform and non-uniform loads.

These types of conveyors are ideal for use in packing and assembly lines. The belt allows for different sizes and weights of goods to be transported at the same time. For this reason, belt conveyors are ideal for e-commerce sites with varying products.

There are many types of belt conveyor, each can be designed to suit a specific process or environment.

Swan Neck & Inclined Belt Conveyors

For example, the Swan Neck belt conveyor can be used to transport products upwards, either to machinery, or between two floors, or even to a mezzanine.

Changing levels with the swan neck conveyor is easy, and belts can be modified with slats to stop some products rolling back. As with most of the belt conveyors, the body or chassis can be steel or stainless steel and the belts

The materials used for the belt conveyor are important. Belt conveyors for use in food production for example are made with stainless-steel frames, with a belt material suitable for wash down. The ability to keep the conveyor belt hygienic is of the utmost importance.

A plastic modular conveyor belt is made from an interlocking plastic mesh material. Unlike belts that rely on friction, the modular belt is positive-driven by engagement with a series of sprockets underneath the belt.

Modular belt conveyors are an extremely robust solution for most transport applications. The belts are hard wearing. With the correct specified material, they are widely used for transportation of sharp edged products, making them ideal for boning lines. The easy to clean design, is the ideal solution for direct food applications. Or areas where chemicals are used. Intentionally, they are ideal for conveyor belt solutions that require corners.

Stainless-steel belt conveyors

stainless steel belt conveyor

Stainless-steel belt conveyors are ideal for use in the food, medical and pharmaceutical industries

We produce a wide range of reliable equipment for product transport, in addition to packing & processing workstations. These are suitable for both direct food (and also wash down) or handling packed products.

This conveyor equipment is proven within lots of food processing and packing environments, combining high levels of reliability, with low maintenance.

Utilizing high-quality components along with proven design and build methods to produce reliable complete conveyor systems. Our experienced in-house design and sales teams have experience across a range of industries. They will be happy to assist you in designing your ideal conveyor system.

Our stainless-steel belt conveyors are particularly suited to the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries. We use food industry grade materials for out stainless-steel belt conveyors to comply with strict hygiene regulations. All fabrication takes place in house, allowing for our staff to undertake strict quality control procedures.


  • Bespoke construction to suit your application
  • Product processing and transport conveyors
  • Stainless-steel workstations
  • End of line Inline and also rotary packing product accumulation
  • Metal detection conveyors, weighing stations & Roller Inspection Tables
  • Pack Converges and Packing Turning
  • Product drying conveyors
  • Wash down – clean in process conveyors

Extra Wide Belt Conveyors

extra wide belt conveyor

Extra wide conveyor belts are manufactured to the very same high standards as the standard / medium duty conveyors. The UK factory use proven quality components. Our wide conveyor range is available with the following accessories.

  • Fixed or Adjustable Side guides
  • Quick Release
  • Swan neck & Nose over
  • Castors
  • Electrical controls
End Roller Diameter: Varies, please contact us
Roller Materials:Mild Steel / Stainless Steel
Drive Type:Geared motor
Drive Position:End Drive
Belt Type:2ply PVC (food grade) is standard, though other options are available
Frame Material:Painted Mild steel or Stainless Steel
Conveyor Finish:RAL 5010 is standard, however other colours available on request
Support Detail:Welded ‘H’ section (+/-50 mm)
Conveyor Widths:300 mm to 2000 mm
Conveyor Loading:Please contact us to discuss your requirements 

Medium Duty Belt Conveyor

medium duty belt conveyor

Available as standalone conveyors or integrated with other machines and workbenches. Normally, manufactured using powder coated steel, the medium duty belt conveyors can also be manufactured using stainless steel for the food and health industries.

Normally, the belt conveyors are supplied with a food grade 2 ply PVC belts in green. We can offer a variety of belt materials and colours to suit different applications, including grip faced belts.

Medium Duty Belt Conveyor Options

  • Electrical control panel
  • Horizontal or Incline applications
  • Fixed & Adjustable Side guides
  • Quick Release belt
  • Swan neck or nose over varieties
  • Castors (wheels)
  • PEC control
  • Built in shelves
End Roller Diameters:80 mm, 113 mm, 135 mm
Roller Materials:Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
Drive Type:Drum motor or Geared motor
Drive Position:End Drive or Center drive
Conveyor Loading:Up to 150 kg per meter
Frame Material:Painted Mild steel / Stainless Steel
Belt Conveyor Finish:RAL 5010 as standard (other colours available)
Conveyor Widths:200 mm to 1200 mm
Support Detail:Welded ‘H’ section (+/-50 mm)
Belt Type:2ply PVC (food grade) as standard

Please contact Merlin with your belt conveyor requirements

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