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Binpin Wheelie Bin Locks


Wheelie bin locks and accessories to keep your bin safe from theft or vandals. New Spring to stop your bin spreading its contents in bad weather. Lock to protect your waste being used for identity theft. With the current waste collection meaning that your bins are not being emptied as regularly as before the bin lock stops your bin collecting someone else’s garbage.

Wheelie bin vandalism and theft is a huge problem here in the UK, costing the taxpayer millions of pounds each year.  Local councils have to replace thousands of wheelie bins annually.

Binpin Security for Wheeled Refuse bins
The BinPin is a lockable device that can either be used to join bins together or to a wall fixing.
The image and video below shows how the binpin bracket works.
Snap the grips around side by side bins to join them and make moving them easier.
Attached a hook or bracket to the wall and the binpin can be securely attached.

Binpin specifications

Export enquiries welcome



  • The two grips are around 305 mm (12″) apart
  • Minimum Diameter to grip is 22 mm
  • Maximum Diameter with inserts is 28 mm
  • Maximum Diameter with no inserts is 31 mm


Extra accessories.

Standard bracket for securing the wheelie bin to the wall or you can use a nearby railing as shown at the top of the page.


Mini Wall bracket

New binpin wheelie bin lock bracket

Bin Lid lock to secure the contents 


A great product to lock wheelie bin lids keeping lids firmly closed. Double bit keyed for extra security. Most Councils are looking to move to three weekly collections now is the time to lock your bin lids.

lid lock components

Download the installation instructions for the bin lock.

Identity theft is at an all-time high.

Contamination for councils is a major problem. Confidential waste? Clinical Waste? Spill management, look no further than BinPin to supply another great locking system


50 mm deep for domestic bins

Drill & 22 mm hole cutter

60 mm if you have a high lid. 


I have bins with different size handles will binpin fit both?

Yes. Inter-changeable inserts are supplied inserts will fit both size of handle.

How will BinPin reduce arson attacks?

Well most arson attacks are started when wheelie bins have been removed from gardens then taken to derelict land to be set on fire.

When my bin is due to be emptied by bin men what do I do?

Unlock one side of BinPin turn it 180 degrees and fix back to host bin. Put your bin out for collection.

I am a shop keeper in a small town can I use BinPin with other shop keepers?

Yes we can supply BinPin with same lock and key to avoid having lots of different keys.

I only have one wheelie bin how will I secure it?

Secure BinPin to your wheelie bin and a railing or fixing.

I am an Event manager I use tie wraps to secure our bins and that works fine for me.

Well over 5 years, say of using tie wraps how many have you used 1000s probably and when tie wraps are cut where do they go?

Probably on the ground or in a bin ready for landfill, BinPin is a cost effective and best environmental option.

My food recycle bin is for ever getting blown down the street, can your BinPin solve my problem?

Simply speaking YES

Can BinPin be used for anything other than wheelie bins?

Yes BinPin is handy about the garden securing bicycles, lawnmowers, patio chairs and most other garden accessories.

I have seen people using chains and padlocks to secure bins seems OK.

Yes it can be but when its raining and you are trying to undo chains and padlocks it messy.

BinPin is quick to release and a proper tool for the job.

My wheelie bin lid blows opened allowing my rubbish to escape and seagulls in.

Our new bin lid locks will prevent this, easy to install and bin man friendly.

We stay in a city and at weekend nights our bins are forever being kicked over will BinPin prevent this?

Yes BinPin has a flexible connector which will take the strain of the sudden impact.


Will my locked bin stop people filling my bin with their rubbish?

Indubitably 🙂