Bolt-on fork extensions extend the usefulness of a forklift truck, allowing it to handle an expansive range of pallets. These bolt-on fork extensions are commonly used within the construction or lifting industries, where a smooth underside reduces damage to the product. Additional options available for large coiled products and paper rolls.


  • Position forks to desired distance apart.
  • Remove fork pocket heel pins from the extensions.
  • Drive forks into the fork extensions.
  • Insert the fork pocket heel pins directly behind the heel of the fork and attach safety lynch pin into the holes provided.
  • The extensions are now ready for use.

close up bolt on fork extensions

Wide range of fork extensions available. Please take note of the reference and contact Merlin Industrial for the prices.  Most fork extensions are available in 3 working days.

Maximum Fork 100 x 50 mm

Capacity / pair 2000 kg at half the extension length

Model and Length (mm)Weight KgC of G mmMin Length
IFE448HDBO-NF x 122017610750
IFE454HDBO-NF x 137219686823
IFE460HDBO-NF x 152521762915
IFE463HDBO-NF x 160023800960
IFE465HDBO-NF x 165024825990
IFE472HDBO-NF x 1829269141100
IFE478HDBO-NF x 1981289901200
IFE484HDBO-NF x 21343010671300
IFE496HDBO-NF x 24383412191500

Maximum Fork 125 x 50 mm

Capacity / pair 4000 kg at half the extension length

Model and Length (mm)Weight KgC of G mmMin Length
IFE548HDBO-NF x 122018610750
IFE554HDBO-NF x 137221686823
IFE560HDBO-NF x 152523762915
IFE563HDBO-NF x 160025800960
IFE565HDBO-NF x 165026825990
IFE572HDBO-NF x 1829289141100
IFE578HDBO-NF x 1981319901200
IFE584HDBO-NF x 21343310671300
IFE596HDBO-NF x 24383612191500

Maximum Fork 150 x 60 mm

Capacity / pair 6000 kg at half the extension length

Model and Length mmWeight KgC of G mmMin Length mm
IFE648HDBO-NF x 122021610750
IFE654HDBO-NF x 137223686823
IFE660HDBO-NF x 152526762915
IFE663HDBO-NF x 160028800960
IFE665HDBO-NF x 165029825990
IFE672HDBO-NF x 1829319141100
IFE678HDBO-NF x 1981339901200
IFE684HDBO-NF x 21343510671300
IFE696HDBO-NF x 24384012191500

Standard Features

  • Tip thickness 6 mm for ease of splitting packs
  • Fully pressed profile with rounded corners
  • Zinc plated heel pins for safe attachment to truck • Painted black

Optional Features

  • Triangular extensions for lifting paper rolls (externally)
  • Conical Extensions for Lifting coiled products (internally)

Please download the specification sheet for the bolt-on forklift extensions here.

Please see below for the latest prices and more examples of forklift accessories.