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Budget Office Screens

Budget Screens diagram

The Budget screen range uses 30 years of manufacturing experience to give cost-effective solutions for the many screening problems that occur in today’s offices.

Sturdily constructed in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be supplied as Freestanding or Linking, in a range of 21 fabric colours with a choice of Black, Brown, Light Grey or Dark Grey, UPVa high impact resistant edge trim.
customised office screens
As with all the budget screen products, consumer safety is paramount, Elfin and Pasco Fabrics comply with Flame Retardant Test BS 467, Part 1, Class 7 and all foam components are combustion modified and meet the stringent classification of Schedule 1, Part 1, Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations S.I. 1324, 1989.

The budget office screen range allows you to change height on a row of screens, either with an angle or a sculptured curve and, if you require certain staff to see beyond the screen, it can be done with a ‘Through-Vision’ Budget screen. And this all comes with a full 3 year guarantee at a cost considerably less than you might think.

Please contact us for your Free budget screen catalogue. All our screens are manufactured to order and are delivered on our own transport with weekly deliveries to London.