Manufactured to order from structural steel the Cantistor cantilever racking system is designed for long term and heavy duty applications. Every enquiry is bespoke and designed on a computer aided design system to SEMA standards.

Cantistor – cantilever racking

Easy to install

Cantistor components are simply bolted together on site using the fixings provided. Arms and bases are bolted to columns allowing for maximum flexibility and facilitating quick assembly and easy conversion from single-sided to double-sided racks.

cantilever racking base component

Versatile & flexible

Columns are punched at 76mm increments to allow for simple arm adjustment for different load sizes. Arms are welded at a 2° angle to ensure items such as tubes do not roll off during loading and unloading.

Components are provided in a hot-dipped galvanised finish as standard and can be used for external and internal applications.