Cardboard Edge Protectors

cardboard corner protectors

Make sure that boxes and goods arrive in excellent condition using the cardboard edge protectors from Merlin. Ideal for pallets that are secured with strapping or stretch wrap the cardboard strips are lightweight and easily recycled.

  • Avoid costly damage to products in storage or transit.
  • Provide additional support when stacking boxes and pallets.
  • Enhances the stacked strength of palletised goods.
  • Prevent surface scratches.
  • Easily trimmed to size with basic tools.
  • Reinforce corners where a majority of the damage is done.
  • Multiply cardboard offering strength and little weight.
  • 1 to 2 Metre lengths
  • All cardboard edge protectors can be reused for multiple trips
  • Higher strap tension can be applied for extra security.


cardboard edge protectors

Product Codes and Sizes

cardboard edge protectors sizes

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