Ladders designed for industrial and personal use in a wide range of materials and sizes. Fibreglass for high voltage electrical work and aluminium that offers EN131 standards with the minimum of weight. Recently added wooden loft ladders.

Wooden loft ladders


Loft Ladders

luxfold timber loft ladder hatch

Loft ladders offer a safer and more comfortable access method and allow a source of valuable extra space to be utilised to its full potential above homes and offices. Perfect for archiving documents, storing less frequently used items and allowing access to temporary offices.

Ladders and Accessories Shop

ladder shop header

The new ladders and accessories shop is now open with discounted prices and a wide range of access related products that include ladder steps, safety signs and scaffolding and safety steps. Available all year round and not subject to office hours, these ladders can be ordered whenever you are ready.

Heavy Duty Combination Ladders

Industrial Combination ladder on site

Heavy Duty Combination Ladders for the Trade and Professional, combination and telescopic ladders offer a variety of solutions in one piece of equipment and are ideal for maintenance and repair companies where one product can handle a wide range of access problems across many work sites and small compact sizes make transportation easier.

Combination Ladders

Combination Ladder - Complete with Working Platform

Combination ladders or multi-purpose ladders, offer a flexibility over normal ladders. The combination ladder is ideally suited for different solutions such as a stairwell, unlike  a standard ladder, these can help the operator cover a wide variety of tasks and, for the mobile operator having one piece of equipment makes it cheaper and much more effective.

Tradesmen Extension Ladders

Trade extension ladders

Ideal for tradesmen – Traditional box section construction strong enough to be used daily.No twist D-shaped rungs offer a more comfortable footing than square rungs. Manufactured to EN 131 and fitted with non-slip rubber feet. Tradesmen Extension Ladders

Ladder and Steps Accessories

The 'V' Type stand off will hold your ladder 250-400mm clear of the wall

Ladder Accessories for professional and domestic use. Improve the safety on ladders when working high up and uneven ground. We also supply roof ladder hooks, standoffs, and special stability steps ideal for horticultural work where no solid support exists.

Glassfibre – GRP and Plastic Ladders

plastic ladders red electrical work

We have a wide range of glassfibre – grp and plastic Ladders that are designed to offer safe working access around electrical equipment and these high voltage ladders are all compliant with the latest health & safety and European standards.

Roof Ladders

trade roof ladders 600px

Roof ladders are designed for industrial or trade use and can be hooked over the ridge to stop the ladder sliding to the left or right and can be supplied in a single or double extension with overall heights from 2950 mm to 7670 mm.

Specialist Ladders

specialist ladders

Ladders designed for specific tasks such as fruit picking, hedge trimming and shelf ladders. We have also included some popular ladder steps and loft ladders. These products are designed to be used in a more demanding and extreme industrial environment.  These are high quality products designed for heavy and frequent use.

Professional 3 in 1 Ladders

Professional 3 in 1 Ladders

The 3 in 1 ladders are an ideal multi-function access product with a maximum length of 5.2 metres as a ladder and 2.5 metres as a 5 step stepladder that can be used on a staircase.  Competitive prices and fast delivery.

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