Scaffolding Towers

Scaffolding towers have been manufactured using aluminium for many years. With new updates to technology and materials, we can now offer towers and scaffolding in GRP glass fibre for working on high voltage systems as well as telescopic platforms that are easily carried in small vans and erected by just one person.

Scaffolding tower


Lobo Systems Flexible Access Solutions

lobo scaffolding system on escalators

The Lobo Systems Flexible Access Solution is a kit of parts available at various platform heights, that allow unprecedented safety and flexibility around the workplace. If your workspace is NASA, The Underground, Rolls Royce, Heinz, Boeing or many other establishments then you already know the Lobo system and all of its benefits.

Telescopic Towers

compact telescopic lightweight tower

The telescopic towers, called within the trade as the “Teletower” are the world’s first telescopic mobile scaffold tower with a maximum working height of 4 metres and able to fit into an estate car or small van whilst still conforming to EN1004.

Aluminium Access Tower Platform

Sky High Scaffolding tower

Sky High lightweight scaffolding tower system that meets all of the working at height regulations and has platform heights as high as 8.2 metres. Owning rather than hiring scaffolding can be much more cost effective for companies regularly working at heights.

Reachmaster Lightweight Scaffolding

Reachmaster animated

Choose from working heights of 2.6 m up to 8.5 m so that one set of aluminium scaffold towers can now cover indoor ceilings to outdoor maintenance. Easy to transport and able to cover a wide range of maintenance or installation procedures quickly and economically.

GRP Fibre Glass Scaffold Towers

GRP Fibre glass scaffold towers

GRP Fibre Glass Scaffold Towers provide safe access where an explosive atmosphere or a greater than usual fire risk or hazard from electrical or chemical contact or in clean environments associated with food and hi-tec manufacture, the use of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products is highly recommended.

Easy Reach Aluminium Platform

pinnacle centerfold scaffold tower

The industrial Centrefold is a heavy-duty tower with a workload of 250kg is portable and will fit through standard doorways and the captive folding brace mechanism minimise the components. The larger 2m working platform has an increased trapdoor opening for ease of use. Tough brace hook assemblies, incorporate double torsion stainless steel springs for durable and reliable use.

Industrial Scaffold Towers


Our range of Trade & industrial grade scaffold towers include 3T compliant towers that comply fully with the Working at Height Regulations (2005). The 3T method of erecting a scaffold tower involves erecting the scaffold tower in sequence by accessing the next level via the trapdoor and fitting the braces above whilst in a ‘sitting position’. Once in place these braces offer sufficient protection to begin attaching the frames to the next level and so on. Prices at the bottom of the page.

Speedy Scaffold Towers

Modular Scaffold Towers

Speedy scaffold towers allow for each project to be individually catered for so that depending on the platform height required you can just use the minimum scaffolding required and easily add more sections as the work progresses. Available in 4 packs and can be installed quickly and transported easily.

Trade Scaffold Towers


Professional trade towers / scaffolding that is lightweight and easy to to put up and take down and transport to the next job. These towers meet the latest UK legislation and give confidence for working at heights.

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