Cleaning & Janitorial

Cleaning & Janitorial equipment such as linen trolleys, safety signs for wet floors and trolleys for cleaning tables in a restaurant. With the outbreak of COVID-19 Merlin has added hand sanitisers and a variety of janitorial trolleys.

Cleaning & Janitorial


Aluminium Sprung Loaded Trolleys

spring loaded trolley in aluminium

The aluminium sprung loaded trolleys or SLT’s are a responsive handling solution for loading and unloading items from one area to another without the operator needing to do repetitive bending over and risking lower back problems. Diamond pattern castors make manoeuvring easier.

Mobile Hygiene Stations

stainless steel mobile hygiene station with water and pump

Designed due to the demand for workplace hygiene during the Coranavirus these mobile hygiene stations provide a solution for companies in retail and manufacturing to place a hand wash system around the workplace as needed.  The stainless steel wash basin has a built in foot pump and water tank so is totally independent.

Folding Laundry Trolleys

Folding Laundry Trolley

Merlin Industrial have two folding laundry trolley models with one in plastic and the other with a steel frame that can be easily folded and stored away until required. For areas that do not have large transfer rates these are economical and perfect for guest houses and small hotels.

Spring Lift Laundry Trolleys

clm217 a top

Convenient spring lift trolleys that raise when emptying and lower when filing for quicker operations and less back strain. Each trolley also offers easy-to-adjust load spring-action for lighter load capacities and is mounted on a galvanised chassis with castors set in a diamond or square formation.

Laundry, Linen and Textile Trolleys

High back linen trolleys 600px

Designed for the hospitality and health industries where a large amount of linen and textiles require changing in the most economic and fastest means possible. These plastic trolleys are made in Yorkshire and offer many advantages over more expensive models.

Hygiene Trolley Three Shelves

hygiene plastic shelf trolleys

Hygienic plastic trolley with three shelves and each with a moulded lip.  Capable of carrying 130kg and ideal where a easily cleaned trolley is an advantage. The trolleys can also be fitted with buckets at either end for the easy collection of cutlery and food waste.

Kitchen Tray Trolleys

kitchen tray trolleys

Kitchen Tray Trolleys Canteen are designed for professional use and offer a long lifespan and are highly manoueverable. The canteen trolley is primarily designed for diners and restaurants for clearing away plates and cutlery.

AwayWash for Concrete Mixers


AwayWash is the first patented on-board polyethylene system for ready-mix concrete mixer trucks which allows for the operator to wash out the chute. This modern design allows you to wash the concrete mixer chute in compliance with environmental requirements while avoiding risks of contamination and penalties/fines. The product is light, sturdy and easy to maintain …

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