Industrial Flooring

Industrial Flooring for production areas, entrance matting and anti-fatigue mats along with anti-slip. Specialist anti-static matting helps protect SSD’s. Recently added are flooring for stables and ground stabilisation matting.

Industrial Flooring


Plastic and GRP Kerb Ramps

GRP kerb ramp

Merlin supplies a range of industrial plastic and GRP Kerb Ramps that are suitable for vehicles or handling equipment such as sack trucks and trolleys. Lightweight and strong they can easily be carried inside cars and delivery vans making them an ideal addition to any company or person needing to circumnavigate kerbs.

Agricultural Water Trays & Footbaths

water trays and footbaths for agriculture

Agricultural Water Trays & Footbaths have been designed for the farming industry using UV stabilised polyethylene and are very hardwearing as they are used for heavy duty cattle and horses as foot wash and chemical dipping areas. With the trays strength and added capacities that can also be used in a wide range of industrial applications.

Entrance Matting

entrance mats merlin

Entrance Matting help prevent dirt. It is a recognised fact that 70 to 80% of interior soiling enters buildings via foot traffic. Good entrance matting systems can dramatically reduce this by stopping dirt at the door – in fact one square metre of matting can hold up to half a litre of excess moisture or remove half a kilo of dirt in a week, significantly reducing cleaning and maintenance costs and preventing slip hazards.

Catering Flooring

Catering mats for the UK

Catering Flooring and matting is specifically designed for the hazards and hygiene around the kitchens, bars and associated areas. Merlin can offer anti-slip, anti-fatigue and anti-bacterial mats that are easily cleaned and easily lifted when required.  For the latest information contact Merlin on 01752 690622 or visit the online shop below.

Anti-Fatigue Cushion Flooring

Fatigue From Standing

Anti-Fatigue cushion Flooring will help prevent tiredness when standing on hard concrete floors for long periods of time. Hard floors are one of the most common causes of physical fatigue. We have a diverse range of anti-fatigue matting suitable for a variety of environments such as production and chemical resistant for oils etc.

ESD Anti-Static Matting

esd kumfi pebble mats

ESD or Anti-static matting and flooring is designed to gradually dissipate static electricity away from the site at a controlled rate preventing damage to SSD (Static Sensitive Devices). ESD matting can also provide anti-fatigue properties perfect for staff that are standing for long periods of time. As well as the flooring we also have ESD Worktop mats.

Contamination Tack Mats

sticky white mats for contamination

Tack contamination mats control any loose debris brought through an area via footwear or wheels and simply offer a tacky or sticky surface that grabs any contaminants / dust / particles before they get into a controlled area such as a clean-room or laboratory.

Ground Stabilisation Systems

elite grass grid

Ground Stabilisation Systems provide a system of mats that interlock and traps the loose ground surface within honeycomb or grid that stops erosion and stabilises the surfaces so that foot and vehicle access areas can be permanently reinforced. We have five different stabilisation systems depending on your requirements.

Lightweight Aluminium Footbridges

aluminium footbridge

Lightweight Aluminium Footbridges that provide a solution to requirements within the construction, groundwork, and the event sectors. The handrails can be folded to assist in transportation and  quick assembly. Suitable for areas that are under seasonal flooding and to provide safer access for pedestrians.

Leisure Flooring and Matting

leisure flooring

Leisure Flooring and Matting using duckboard style mats can be used to reduce slip hazards around swimming pools and other wet areas, especially important in public facilities where old or very young persons may be at risk. Rubber matting in gymnasiums provide shock absorption to protect floors and equipment, as well as improving noise reduction and comfort. 

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