Recycling Products

Recycling products for recycling waste, batteries, papers, cans and everything else. From large banks manufactured for car parks and public areas to recycled cardboard bins for the office.

Recycling Products

Free Recycling Posters

recycling posters

Merlin Industrial would like to help companies and individuals to recycle more. This page offers a free resource of A4 and A3 posters courtesy of Leafield Environmental.  Please select the ones you would like to download the PDF that can then be printed and placed near your bin to promote recycling.

Cardboard Recycle Bins

Cardboard recycle bins made in the uk

Cardboard recycling bins and containers that are delivered quickly within a few days are flat packed for easy storage and can be used on or beside the desks in offices, dispatch departments or canteens for the safe and easy recycling of recyclable waste. The cardboard used in manufacturing the containers has a minimum recycled content …

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Battery Recycling Containers

Battery Recycling Products

As the chemicals in batteries are so corrosive European legislation has issued directives for the safe disposal and recycling. The containers below have been designed and manufactured to help you separate the batteries from the normal waste so that they can be disposed of safely.

Novelty Recycling Bins

space buddy bins

A range of novelty recycling bins designed for children and adults and available in different shapes and sizes to entice the disposal of litter and to help save time sorting when emptying. The novelty bins are manufactured from easily cleaned and UV protected plastic and most are suitable for indoors and outdoor use.

Internal Recycling Bins

recycle bins group

Internal Recycling Bins for the office, shopping centre,school or home offer the easiest way to segregate waste with clear WRAP labelling and different shaped slots for paper, cups and general waste. We also have a range of cup bins with liquid holders for office cups along with confidential waste bins that can be locked prior …

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Office Recycling Bins


Modern office recycling bins for general, confidential, food, plastic, metals and liquids waste. Attractive bins in various sizes designed for small and large offices that can be used alone or as a group. With the current climate changes in the news, offering staff a way to recycle helps to instil a positive change.

Recycling Plastic Trucks

plastic recycling trucks

The Environmental truck is a range of four, sturdy,wheeled or static, recycling plastic trucks specifically for the ‘shop floor’ environment that offer two different apertures depending on the type of recycling material you wish to collect. The plastic trucks range from 100 to 332 litre capacities.  

Recycling Banks

islea recycling banks schematic

The latest generation collection banks of the ISLEA family has not only been improved, but also extended: with the sizes S, M, L and XL we offer you a complete, standard-conforming product line for waste collection in public areas. The rounded design fits discreetly into the street scene, while the design of the plinth allows precise positioning of several containers.  

Recycle inside and outside

group of plastic recycling bins

Recycle inside and outside of the premises with these fine selection of modern recycling bins. The bins have a variety of capacities and an almost infinite choice of WRAPS so that the type of waste collected is easily visible to staff or persons passing. Most of our recycling bins are also manufactured using recycled plastic.

Envirobank Recycling Bins

envirobank group picture bins

The Envirobank recycling bins are designed to collect a multitude of waste materials for recycling and they are available in external and internal versions. The external range of recycling containers are designed to be hard-wearing and long-lasting.

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