Waste Management

The waste management section contains a wide range of bins and skips including cigarette, waste, wall-mounted and free-standing bins. The bins can be steel, plastic, wooden or concrete depending on your waste management requirements.

waste management - litter bins

Wheelie Bins

recycling centre wheelie bins

Wheelie bins or wheeled refuse bins vary in capacities from 30 litres up to 1100 litres and are one of the most popular waste management methods for moving waste around. Our range of plastic wheelie bins are designed for industrial use and have added features such as handles on the lids. Please see below for the new wheelie bin storage sheds.

Drum Storage – Waste Management


TOP-TEC has over 50 years of experience in creating solutions for industrial clients. Concurrent engineering processes allow design and manufacturing to work together. The design and engineering staff develop ideas and prototypes that seamlessly lead to on time and on budget. A range of Industrial equipment that includes Waste & Materials management, Access Platforms and Drum Storage – Waste Management.

Bica External Waste Bins

Bica waste bins E300 model

Bica external waste bins are available for external use and manufactured using stainless or galvanized steel. Together with architects, the Bica waste bins range have been designed to offer a comprehensive variety of styles and capacities for external recycling and litter collection.

Rubbish Chutes 20, 22 and 30 Inches

rubbish chute range

Industrial rubbish chutes manufactured from high-quality polyethylene and built to the highest specifications, our rubbish chutes are designed to resist abrasions, withstand heavy impacts and maintain rigidity in both hot and cold conditions. To prevent splitting, all our rubble chutes are seamless, one-piece moulded.

Oil Drum to Bin Converter

Bin Converter

Oil Drum to Bin Converter is a plastic moulded bin converter top for 45 gallons / 210 Litre drums that turns an old oil drum into a LARGE waste bin with three openings so that they can be used from all angles. The oil drum converted bins are ideal for festivals and outdoor concerts and the tops can be stored for use taking up a lot less place. 

Underground Waste Systems

semi underground bins group image

To make larger waste bins more accessible the semi-underground bins act like icebergs with the majority of the space underground leaving an attractive top with access to the bags and litter up to a staggering 5 m cubed. We have both underground and semi-underground bins for more space above ground and less emptying.

Mini Waste Skips


Small but very useful skips ideal where access is a problem and where large amounts of waste are not generated. These Mini Skips are especially suited for use in production areas where space is limited e.g. under power presses and other production machines for collecting swarf, leaking coolant and cutting fluids. The mini-skips can be fitted with a tap for draining.

Plastic Pedal Bins

defeat germs using plastic pedal bins

Plastic Pedal bins offer a hands-free method for safely disposing of medical or office waste quickly and without getting your hands dirty. In the current age of pandemics a simple pedal bin will help you and your staff stay healthier. Lightweight and easily moved around the premises.

Sack Holders and Medical Bins

NHS approved pedal bins

We supply a range of sack holders and clinical waste bins in steel and plastic that comply with the latest requirements HTM 07-01.  Manufactured in the UK and France, designed with the NHS waste management requirements these bins offer compliance and quality. The hands-free model allows waste to be disposed of safely preventing cross infection.  

Hands Free Pedal Bins

medical pedal waste bins at the dentist

Hands free pedal bins allow for the safe and hygienic disposal of a wide range of materials, such as food waste at canteens and restaurants along with gloves or masks at a medical facility. With the onset of COVID-19 it has been apparent that we all need to minimise contact at places with high foot falls and bins are one of the most popular stops.

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