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General Workshop Equipment

ESD or anti-static workbenches and equipment that includes specialist clothing is available under our workshop category as well as several other sections such as hazardous storage for chemicals, Treston on of the World leaders in adjustable and ergonomic workbenches, Industrial Steel partitions available in single skin, double skin and mesh variants. The workshop section also holds the widest range of workbenches in the United Kingdom.

As well as the wide range of information listed below we also have relevant products in our secure online shop along with Special Offers that may be of interest.

This section contains the following subcategories, please choose one to browse;

Workshop equipment including workbenches

Industrial Cutting Tables

long material cutting table

Manufactured in the UK, these industrial cutting tables are designed for professionals in the fashion, educational and science sectors. Every cutting table is manufactured to your specifications using ecologically sourced wood.

Static Control Timber Workbenches

static control wooden workbench

Static Control Timber Workbenches offer the natural insulating properties of wood with the benefits of static control. The electronics industry produces and handles devices that are extremely sensitive to the discharge of static electricity. A person moving around on a chair or walking across a floor can generate electrostatic potential in the order of 20,000 volts.

Treston Adjustable Workstations and Accessories


Treston Adjustable Workstations and Accessories offer the maximum versatility and are perfect for companies starting up and looking for a bench that they can add to over the years. Comprising the following ranges WB UDL 200 kg(adaptable to a large variety of tasks), Concept UDL 500 kg (suitable for heavy loads), TP/TPH UDL 300 kg easy to equip and wide range of accessories. Highly adjustable workbenches with manual and electric height adjustability.

Treston Packing Station

Packing station PPH

Well-presented packages and parcels give an important first impression for any company. The Treston packing station ensures that valuable and vulnerable products are packed on equipment specifically designed for the task. Height adjustment of worktops 760 to 1050 mm. Ergonomic benches for the warehouse.

Electrical Safety – Wooden Workbenches

Electrical Safety Bench

The Electrical Safety – Wooden Workbenches are manufactured with Ash frames and three choices of worktops. Laminated, MFC and Vinyl.  All workbenches are manufactured to order and can be modified to suit your particular requirements.

Industrial Heating Blankets

heating blankets for industrial use

Industrial Heating blankets are used in many industries, industrial heating blankets are perfect for ground thawing, curing of materials like composite, repairing of wind rotor blades, altering the viscosity of liquids and for production in both the marine and the aerospace industry and for areas exposed to the elements that may not function below a certain temperature. Digital and Analogue controllers allow the temperature to be set and left to operate independently.

Treston Lighting

treston-ergonomics and lighting

Treston lighting is now a highly respected solution for workspace clarity and comfort. Modern lighting is increasingly intelligent, offering new opportunities for controlling the intensity, tone, direction and illumination levels – not only for home interiors and public spaces, but also for the needs of working life and industrial environments.

Workbench Tops

workbench replacement tops

The UK Manufactured workbench tops. These tops are supplied ready for fitting to an existing frame. The quality of the workmanship is reflected in the fact these are supplied to the three largest manufacturers in the workbench industry. We also have a range of very heavy industrial worktops with steel and wood finishes. Suitable for canteens and factories.

Parts Storage Turntable ESD

ESD Part Storage Turntable

Parts Storage Turntable ESD. The robust, ball-bearing base has a load capacity of 800 kg. These assemblies offer storage for up to 1792 different items on a floor area of only 0.64 square metres. The unit includes a ball-bearing base and shelves in 4 layers. Earthing is via a 1 megaohm protective resistor. Easy to assemble – no tools required.

Premier UK Manufactured Workbenches

Premier medium duty workbench trolley

Premier UK manufactured workbenches with various systems and weight capacities of 450 kg – 700 kg UDL. All workbenches are 840 mm high as standard, other heights available. Premier workbench frames, cabinet and drawer carcases are epoxy polyester powder coated in Mid-Grey RAL 7001. The premier cabinet doors and drawers are also epoxy polyester powder coated in a choice of colours.

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