Treston products comprise their workbenches, workstations and trolleys  along with a wide range of products for the electronics and assembly industry. Manufactured in Finland to European standards the Treston brand offers quality and excellent value for money.

Treston small parts ESD turntable storage


Treston Adjustable Workstations and Accessories


Treston Adjustable Workstations and Accessories offer the maximum versatility and are perfect for companies starting up and looking for a bench that they can add to over the years. Comprising the following ranges WB UDL 200 kg(adaptable to a large variety of tasks), Concept UDL 500 kg (suitable for heavy loads), TP/TPH UDL 300 kg easy to equip and wide range of accessories. Highly adjustable workbenches with manual and electric height adjustability.

Treston Packing Station

Packing station PPH

Well-presented packages and parcels give an important first impression for any company. The Treston packing station ensures that valuable and vulnerable products are packed on equipment specifically designed for the task. Height adjustment of worktops 760 to 1050 mm. Ergonomic benches for the warehouse.

Treston Lighting

treston-ergonomics and lighting

Treston lighting is now a highly respected solution for workspace clarity and comfort. Modern lighting is increasingly intelligent, offering new opportunities for controlling the intensity, tone, direction and illumination levels – not only for home interiors and public spaces, but also for the needs of working life and industrial environments.

Treston Catalogues

Treston Technical Information Catalogue

The latest specifications and product information for Treston technical furniture manufactured in Finland and available from Merlin Industrial Products Ltd. We have the popular workbench and storage solutions catalogue available here 24 hours a day.

Treston ESD Products

Treston ESD Products

Please find the latest Treston product information for the ESD and Standard ranges which includes workbenches, trolleys, shelving, seating and ESD containers.

Light Motorised Workbenches

light motorised workbench

Light Motorised Workbenches or LMT for short are ideal, with a weight capacity of 150 kg they can be used in production and assembly. The LMT is a light ergonomic multi-purpose workbench that can be equipped for any light industrial or office work. Suitable for assembly work, quality checking, packing tasks and as a designer or supervisor’s workbench. The bench complies with ergonomic standards for both sitting and standing positions.

Treston Towerline Workbenches and Stations

towerline configuration twin workbenches

The Treston TowerLine workstation has a sturdy steel frame and is available in a wide range of layout options: the two-sided option, corner solution and line extension. It can be easily reconfigured to meet the latest requirements.

Treston Heavy Duty Workbenches

Heavy duty metal work bench HDB

Treston Heavy duty metal work benches for production and assembly areas, service centres and workshops. Benefits: robust construction, modern design and versatile accessories. Three top choices: steel, PVC and birch. Frames are of epoxy powder coated steel in dark grey RAL 7045. Bracing member for additional stability and lipped back edge; also acts as attachment point for vertical posts.

Adjustable ESD Treston Workbenches

ESD Workbench adjustable height

An adjustable ESD workbench such as the Treston WB series ESD workbench is extremely ergonomic, based on there concept of simple height adjust ability and the availability of an extensive range of ergonomic accessories.

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