Industrial Tools

Merlin Industrial are part of the Meddings group, manufacturing industrial tools for more than 75 years. In addition to our machine tools we have various industrial tools such as oil windows, anti-vibration feet, electric car chargers and the latest heating blankets for drums, IBC’s and pipes.

industrial tools - meddings bench drill


Industrial Heating Blankets

Industrial Heating blankets are used in many industries, industrial heating blankets are perfect for ground thawing, curing of materials like composite, repairing of wind rotor blades, altering the viscosity of liquids and for production in both the marine and the aerospace industry and for areas exposed to the elements that may not function below a certain temperature. Digital and Analogue controllers allow the temperature to be set and left to operate independently.

Cutting Stations

A mobile or fixed cutting station and store. Designed to accommodate chop saws reducing noise and dust whilst offering a complete industrial storage solution that can be mobilised around a customer’s or workplace environment. The saw can be stored and locked in the compartment below. Normal delivery in just 3 working days. We also have mobile fitting stores for increased security and storage. 


Infrared Commercial Heaters

Manufactured in the UK these industrial infrared heaters are designed to offer highly efficient forms of radiant heat so that staff and customers feel the benefits much sooner than a similar gas heater, which costs 30% more and is slower to heat. Perfect for shelters and pavement café’s in all kinds of weather and more topical now with the COVID-19 outbreak, where outside space is important.

Meddings Quality Drilling Machines

We have been part of the Meddings manufacturing group since 1996 with Meddings manufacturing drilling machines since 1942.  Below is a list of industrial quality machine tools available for sale. Dominating the educational market for over 50 years where longevity of spares and parts are essential these tools offer excellent value for money where quality and strength are required Meddings also represent the famous Strands drilling machine company in the UK. Prices from our online shop at the bottom of this page.