Warehouse products and equipment such as steel partitions in both single and double skinned variants, anti-collapse mesh and safety enclosures. Mesh and clean room partitioning, and robot barriers are now available from Merlin Industrial Products.

Warehouse products - steel partition


Single Skin Steel Partitions

sigma single skinned steel partition

Sigma formally called Broadsword is one of the most popular single steel partition systems.  Manufactured in Sweden to provide exceptional strength and durability and yet offers cost savings over other partition systems on the market. Offering a fully demountable solution the steel partition can be used in various projects as the years and the company progress.

Mesh Partition Systems


For security and perimeter protection steel mesh partition is an ideal tool to protect your investment whilst offering maximum visibility and airflow. Mesh partition is also perfect in factories with robots and machinery that requires easy to install guarding.

Clean Room Partition System

titan cleanroom steel partition

Clean room partition comes in various standards measured by the number of particles per square foot or metre.  Food and drink is nominally rated at ISO 7 and the lower the number the better the rating.  This partition system here can be used for ISO 5 which includes Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals facilities, also Aerospace. The highest classification is ISO 3 used mainly for Micro-Electronics (Based on ISO 14644-1). 

Anti-Collapse Mesh Safety System

anti-collapse mesh safety system

The Anti-Collapse mesh safety system represents a simple yet cost effective method of avoiding many accidents in the storage and handling of pallets in and on racking systems. The framed mesh system is mounted on stand-off brackets, which are designed to fit most types of racking systems. The brackets are from 50 to 300 mm to allow for various pallet overhangs.

Machine Safety Barriers

machine guarding for conveyors and robots

Machine Safety Barriers protect visitors and workers from harm to the latest ISO 14120:2015 regulations. The guard panels are available in mesh, solid and clear perspex panels to suit most applications including robotic manufacturing centres.

Double Skin Steel Partition


The Elan system is a high quality demountable double skin steel partitioning range which provides flexible solutions for both office and factory applications where appearance, looks and durability are important.  This system is available in both non-fire and fire rated versions.

Timber Racking Decking for the UK

Timber Decking

Timber Racking Decking Timber decking fits onto the beams of pallet racking, the decking can be made in various sizes to suit all types of racking, the thickness of the decks depends on the weight of the goods stored on the beams.  

Mesh Decking / Shelving Panels

Mesh Decking

Mesh Decking / Shelving Panels A pre-manufactured strong & cost effective alternative to timber, which maintains the integrity of overhead sprinkler coverage, a fire safety choice. Available from stock in 910 & 1110mm depths & in widths to suit most beam lengths.

Sovella Industrial Furniture


Sovella Industrial Furniture Sovella is designed and manufactured in Finland and supplied all around the world.  Merlin Industrial Products can now offer the Sovella range here in the UK.  Some of the popular models are shown below but the range is extensive and includes benches, storage, seating and assembly worktables.

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