Handling Equipment

If you need to Stack, Lift or move anything then this section is for you. We also have specialist categories for Forklift attachments, Drum handling and the widest choice of sack trucks in Europe. If you are a manufacturer looking for quality castors or wheels to add to your products then we have an extensive range of next day models.

As well as the wide range of information listed below we also have relevant products in our secure online shop along with Special Offers that may be of interest.

This section contains the following subcategories, please choose one to browse;

Handling equipment - pallet trucks

Telescopic Gravity Track Conveyor

telescopic warehouse conveyor

Telescopic Gravity Track Conveyor. A simple arrangement of sections of gravity roller track linked together by sliding transfer sections to provide a useful means of loading and unloading vehicles or moving goods within the warehouse or stores and without the need of power these gravity conveyors can be used anywhere 

Crane Lift Containers


Crane Lift Containers for crane lifting mortar and construction materials. We can supply various sizes manufactured from high quality virgin polymers and fitted with a robust and strong frame and handles.

Forklift attachments for Drum Handling

forklift slung drum tilter

Forklift attachments for Drum Handling allow the popular 45 gallon 210 litre drums to be safely moved and tilted using these attachments designed to fit most commercial forklifts. Various models exist, including the use of cranks to assist in turning the drums to facilitate emptying.

Medical and Pharmacy Trolleys

Treston medical trolleys

A wide range of medical and pharmacy trolleys and mobile storage designed for hospitals, chemists, first aid, veterinarians and medical centres. Coated in antimicrobial protection with long guarantees and recommended by leading physicians across the United Kingdom and Europe. Also, available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

Work Positioners


Officially called work positioners these lifters / stackers offer a compact and easily moved handling tool available in manual, semi-electric and fully electrical operation with various attachments for non-standard loads with lift heights starting at 130 mm and going up to a maximum of 1700 mm for the model E100A.

Pneumatic Wheels


Pneumatic wheels provide a cushioned ride for sack trucks, trolleys and platforms making them ideal for rough ground. These pneumatic wheels have plastic centres, and we also have pneumatic wheels with steel centres along with the online shop open 24 hours a day – see below for discounted prices.

Jacking Castors

JACKING CASTORS different models

Jacking castors can be used to vary the height of a platform or piece of equipment between 75 and 200 mm depending on the models shown below. The jacking castor can also be used to raise a platform off its feet so that it can be moved easily around your work space. Prices and Specifications …

Jacking Castors Read More »

Pallet Trucks


We supply a wide range of pallet trucks or pump trucks around the UK. The small selection of pallet trucks below indicate some variety we can supply quickly from stock. Short, long, narrow, extra low profile and printers pallet trucks are featured here.

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