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Castors & Wheels

Castors & wheels from Light to Heavy duty and available in a wide range of materials such as Iron, Aluminium and Stainless Steel. Merlin has been supplying industrial wheels, truck locks and jacking castors for more than 25 years.

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As well as the articles below on various castors & wheels, we have our online shop for the latest prices here

JACKING CASTORS different models

Jacking Castors

Jacking castors can be used to vary the height of a platform or piece of equipment between 75 and 200 mm, depending on the models shown below. The jacking castor can also be used to raise a platform off its feet so that it can be moved easily around your work space. Prices and Specifications available below.

Black polypropylene plastic wheel

Polypropylene Wheels

Polypropylene wheels are a solid white or black wheel. With a wheel diameter range of 40 to 400 mm and a load capacity range of 50 to 330 kg. Hard-working and economical wheel that is also used as guide rollers in tracks. With prices less than a pound, these wheels offer a cheaper alternative to the harder and more expensive nylon versions.

flanged and v grooved steel wheels

V-Groove & Flange Wheels

V-Groove & Flange Wheels including black-painted cast-iron 90° v-groove wheels for use on inverted angle-iron tracks or flange wheels with 3° tread ascent. With wheel diameter range of 75 to 200 mm and load capacity range of 200 to 1500 kg. Specialist wheels designed to run on tracks or guides with the V-grooved wheels ideal as sophisticated pulleys for a wide range of applications. These wheels can also be manufactured to order.

2BZXXH twin wheeled castor

Twin Wheeled Castors

To increase loading capacities whilst maintaining the same height the twin wheel castor was developed.  Depending on the wheel type and loading requirements there are four ranges with capacities up to 7500 kg. The twin wheel castors range is available in Swivel, Swivel with brake and fixed brackets. Top plate fixing only with a no bolthole option but with 14 different wheel options normally available in 2 days.