Fork Lift Attachments

Fork lift attachments offer a way for companies to recoup the cost of the forklift by using it for many applications other than for moving pallets, such as tipping skips, wheelie bin handlers and big bag handlers. Merlin offers a wide range of UK manufactured fork lift attachments including extensions.

Fork Lift Attachments - big bag handler


Forklift Truck Bins and Skips

bottom opening skips for forklifts

The forklift truck bins below can be emptied as the base swivels down and away and when on the shop floor they can easily be wheeled around on the supplied castors. Base Emptying Bins available in Black, White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue and Orange – standard lead time is 3 weeks.

Forklift Loading Platforms

forklift attachment lorry unloader

Forklift loading platforms for the safe removal and loading of packages and equipment and designed for the business without a dedicated fixed loading platform but requiring to load or offload articulated trucks. Now we have a smaller fold able model along with two standard models.

Tipping Pallet Fork Lift Mounted

Tipping Pallet for fork lifts

This Tipping Pallet Fork Lift Mounted will handle almost any kind of box or flat packed material. The self-tipping unit is activated by releasing a spring mechanism and is designed for constant service. Typical applications include the offloading of catalogues, balers and other items that need to be discharged from the forks of the truck.

Rim Grip Drum Handlers

fork mounted drum handler rimgrip

The fully automatic Rim Grip Drum Handlers are versatile and efficient for the movement of a wide variety of steel and plastic drums that are either open or closed toped. The hardened steel jaws lift from the rim of the drum thus allowing the safe movement of both new and damaged drums.

Forklift attachments for Drum Handling

forklift slung drum tilter

Forklift attachments for Drum Handling allow the popular 45 gallon 210 litre drums to be safely moved and tilted using these attachments designed to fit most commercial forklifts. Various models exist, including the use of cranks to assist in turning the drums to facilitate emptying.

Fork Mounted Jibs and Cranes

Fork Mounted Jibs

Fork Mounted Jibs and Cranes for companies with existing fork lift trucks these jib attachments help save costs by turning your fork lift into a crane that can work indoors and outdoors with various loads.

Bolt-on Fork Extensions

Bolt On Fork Lift Entensions

Bolt-on fork extensions extend the usefullness of a forklift truck allowing it to handle a very wide range of pallets. These bolt-on fork extensions are commonly used within the construction or lifting industries where a smooth underside reduces damage to the product. Additional options available for large coiled products and paper rolls.

Fork Slung Drum Rotators

Universal drum rotator with crank handle

Forklift and Crane attachments for handling steel and some plastic drums. Easily fitted to most forklifts these attachments allow for full rotation and locking in any position and are ideal for emptying the contents or changing drums from the vertical to the horizontal position.

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