Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment such as scissor tables, lever hoists and cranes, for the safe handling of various equipment. If you need to lift raise or lower than Merlin has an industrial solution for you.

high lift pallet truck


Crane Lift Containers


Crane Lift Containers for crane lifting mortar and construction materials. We can supply various sizes manufactured from high quality virgin polymers and fitted with a robust and strong frame and handles.

Lifting Equipment Shop

Aluminium Mobile Scissor Table Merlin

The lifting equipment online shop has a wide range of equipment with specifications and current UK trade prices. These products are part of our very large handling equipment range and comprise Forklift attachments, Lifters, Pallet trucks and Scissor lift tables. Designed with various loading capacities but all for industrial use.

Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

SLD35Y scissor lift tables

Mobile Scissor Lift Tables with capacities from 150 up to 1000 kg and various platform sizes and heights, all of the industrial models shown can be wheeled around the workplace allowing for the safe and ergonomic way of lifting and lowering equipment.

Scissor Lift Tables

Scissor lift table with castors

Scissor lift tables can be fixed or mobile, with the addition of castors. Capacities from 150 KG to 1250 KG and heights to 6 metres. Used primarily in manual handling to allow operators to move loads easily between heights. Merlin welcome enquiries for custom scissor lift tables.

Lever Hoists

NLH15L lever hoists

Lever hoists offer a much easier way to lift up to 6000 kg using a ratchet lever. The free wheeling feature eliminates the need to use the lever to take up slack or position the hook. Lever hoists are just one of the many lifting equipment products Merlin supplies.

High Lift Pallet Trucks

front of vulcan high lift pallet truck 600

The high lift pallet truck allows pallets to be raised to comfortable positions for loading and unloading.  These models also come with a slow descent feature to prevent shock damage to objects being lowered.

Portable Lifters

ezi lift loader header image

The Ezi-Lift portable loader range is ideal where space is at a premium or access with a forklift is difficult, highly manoeuvrable and with many accessories such as platforms and jibs. 

Ergonomic Lifting Equipment

newton lifting trolleys group

The Newton range of ergonomic lifting tools offer a perfect combination of safety and functional design allowing various weights and items to be handled and moves with the minimum of effort by the operator. Weight capacities of 50 to 250 kg and an assortment of handling accessories.

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