Roll Cages

Roll cages and Roll containers are a common site in supermarkets and offer an easy way to move many items around a warehouse or shop. Merlin has added the plastic cages suitable for supermarkets and popular in hospitals where they can be rigorously cleaned without damage.

roll cages and roll containers


Linen Distribution Trolleys

plastic linen trolleys

Plastic Roll Cages and Plastic Linen distribution trolleys – A major innovation in the hygienic transportation of laundry. Plastic roll cages do not rust and provide a valuable alternative to the standard steel and chrome wire cages currently used. Quiet in operation they are very popular in hospitals and other medical establishments.

Plastic Roll Cages

plastic roll cages

Plastic roll cages designed for industry with easy to clean surfaces and manufactured using an anti-microbial additive so the roll cages are naturally resistant to bugs. Also, the plastic roll cages have no sharp edges and will not corrode and eliminates the running noise from the standard cages. The models at the bottom of this page can have towing facilities fitted (IDC514).

Chrome Mesh Trolleys

FC8611 chrome folding container trolleys

Chrome mesh trolleys in various sizes and capacibilities The chrome mesh trolley can be used in public spaces and offers an attractive way of moving items from one space to another. Frequently used in the catering industry they are also popular in healthcare and warehouses.

A Type Nestable Roll container


Nestable A’ Type roll cages with shopping trolley type bases that can be stored easily when not in use. We have 3 sided, 4 sided and a security mesh model and they can have extra shelves fitted as required.  We also supply waterproof covers with document wallets.

Demountable Roll Containers

Demountable Roll containers

Demountable Roll Cage Containers popular in warehouses and retail establishments as they can be disassembled when not in use for easy transport and storage. Please contact us if you need used and second hand roll cages as we normally have a selection available from stock.

Roll Containers


Roll containers or roll cages are typically used to transport a wide range of goods food and non food items around the country and are very popular in supermarkets. These industrial roll containers have a 600 kg capacity and can be easily folded into the L’ shape so that storage requirements are minimised when transporting the roll containers.

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