Sack Trucks

Sack trucks for industrial use, for both inside and outside the building. The sack truck dates back to the industrial revolution, and though materials like aluminium and the three-wheel stair climber have added to the range the sack truck still remains the stalwart device for moving boxes and equipment from one place to another.

Industrial sack trusks - p'handle


Lightweight Stairclimber Sacktruck

SC6W Aluminium Lightweight Stairclimber

We have three different lightweight Aluminium Stair-climbing sack trucks based on a standard lightweight model modified to allow a three wheel unit to rotate around a central hub on each side. This makes carrying loads up or down steps or stairs much easier and reduces the weight of the stairclimber making it easier to store in a van.

Aluminium Sack Trucks

GI380Y aluminium stairclimber with skids

With such a wide range of Aluminium Sack Trucks we can provide a safe way to unload and load goods in for a variety of applications. The aluminium sack truck offers a rust free tool that is light and can carry between 50 and 350 kg depending on your model choice.

Reach Compliant Sack Trucks

reach compliant sack trucks

High quality reach compliant sack trucks manufactured from steel with a hard wearing aqua blue powder coated finish. Ideal for many industrial environments. Complete with strong, riveted knuckle guard hand grips.  REACH compliant & puncture proof pneumatic wheels.

Stair Climbing Sack Trucks

GI360 wide starirclimber with load

Merlin have a variety of stair climbing sack trucks each with different capacities and advantages. The stair climber sack trucks are designed help a single person take loads up and down a stairway and many have a foldable toe plates so that they can be flat packed inside a vehicle or, under the stairs when not in use.

Post Distribution Stairclimber

Stairclimbing mailroom trolley

Designed to make safe work of delivering mail and small parcels up and down stairs. The baskets can also hold lateral files making the stair climbing trolley ideal where files need to be moved around a large office on multiple floors. 

Stacking Chair Mobile Carrier

Stacking Chair Carrier

The Stacking Chair Carrier is a sack truck designed specifically to move large numbers of stacking chairs around easily and quickly and is an ideal tool for examination rooms in colleges and schools and any area that is used for multi-purposes where seating has to be moved in and out rapidly. For more choices of chair trolleys scroll down.

RuXXac Folding cart

RuXXac cart 150120

The popular RuXXac quality folding sack truck manufactured in Germany is now available in two models from stock. Weighing in at just 6 kg the RuXXac can carry 125 kg and is ideal for storing in car boots or garages with limited free space.

Industrial UK Manufactured Sack Trucks


Manufactured here in the United Kingdom these sack trucks offer guaranteed qualities that some imports cannot and the models below with there wide choice of different toe styles and backs offer a solution to most if not all types of carrying problems.

White Goods Sack Truck

White Goods Sack Truck

Specifically designed for fridges, washing machines and other household items this “P” handled sack truck with its large pneumatic wheels and protective strips that protect the goods from scratches can also be used as a normal sack truck when not needed for “White Goods”.

Folding Toe Sack Truck

Folding Sack Truck

Tubular steel sack truck with a folding toe plate so that it can be stored flat in vehicles and stores. This sack truck comes with knuckle protectors and solid rubber wheels and has a maximum capacity of 250 kg.

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