Sack Trucks

Sack trucks for industrial use, for both inside and outside the building. The sack truck dates back to the industrial revolution, and though materials like aluminium and the three-wheel stair climber have added to the range the sack truck still remains the stalwart device for moving boxes and equipment from one place to another.

Industrial sack trusks - p'handle


Chair Trolleys

The Chair trolleys are a sack truck designed specifically to move large numbers of stacking chairs around easily and quickly and are an ideal tool for examination rooms in colleges and schools and any area that is used for multi-purposes where seating has to be moved in and out rapidly.

Wide Stair Climbers

Wide stair climbers are sack trucks with wide toe plate of 410 mm designed to safely carry loads up and down stairs of up to 50 kg. The wide stair climbers comes complete with the strap making the stair climber truck easily used by one person. For heavier loads, please see the model below with a capacity on the stairs of 150 kg.