Trucks and Trolleys

Trucks and Trolleys are one of the largest categories for Merlin industrial and include plywood, steel, aluminium, plastic, mesh trucks, shelf and Ackerman models just to name the more popular ones. With over 60 pages of industrial trolleys with most manufactured here, in the UK call Merlin if you need any type of truck or trolley.

Trucks and trolles - caged sided trolley


Self Levelling Trucks and Trolleys

self levelling trolleys

Self levelling trucks and trolleys have a spring-loaded platform that lowers when weight is placed on it and raises when the weight is lifted.  Ideal for loading and unloading applications as you no longer need to reach to the bottom of the trolley for the last items making handling items much more ergonomic. 

Industrial Platform Trucks

industrial platform truck

Industrial platform trucks are available in several platform sizes and colours and using different materials such as plywood or steel base and 2, 3 or 4 solid sides or mesh. Please contact us for specialist models made from stainless steel and plastic. We have a wide selection within our online store so that you can not only see the specifications but the prices as well.

Clever Folding Lightweight Trolleys

large clever folding trolley top shelf up

Two clever folding lightweight trolleys that fold down flat, as well as the containers, so that it can be stored in a car boot or office when not in use.  The trolley weighs just 7 and 10 kg and the two folding containers can carry a combined weight of 60 or 70 kg. Perfect for the shopping or a district nurse. Also known as the “Easy Trolley”.

Medical and Pharmacy Trolleys

Treston medical trolleys

A wide range of medical and pharmacy trolleys and mobile storage designed for hospitals, chemists, first aid, veterinarians and medical centres. Coated in antimicrobial protection with long guarantees and recommended by leading physicians across the United Kingdom and Europe. Also, available in Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

Ackerman Style Trucks

heavy duty ackerman truck

The Ackerman steering system dates back to 1817 and allows for much better manoeuvring within a tight space and is ideal for slow moving trucks and trailers with a maximum towing speed of 8 kph. Manufactured in the UK we have a good selection of towing and loop handled trailers with capacities up to 3000 kg.

Steel Tilting Skip Bins

Tilting Skip Bin front view tipped

Steel Tilting Skip Bins available in 2 x capacities 250 and 400 kg as well as with a drainage tap (25 mm Diameter) and perforated base for wet waste such as swarf mixed in with coolant. For additional mobility options these UK manufactured bins can also be fitted with fork pockets Dimensions 125 x 40 mm.

Plastic Dollies

interlocking plastic dollies 600px

Plastic dollies come in different sizes and capacities and now we have the fully interlocking plastic dolly that can be linked at the ends and the sides as well as being able to be stacked 10 high. As well as the standard plastic dollies we now have a bunded range so that 205 litre drums can be wheeled around without worrying about spillages.

Furniture Trolleys for Retail Use

3 tier sofa bed trolley

A range of furniture related trucks and sofa trolleys specifically designed for the handling of bulky and awkward items in the retail and wholesale trade. Chairs and Settees, carpets and Beds require specialist trolleys to allow for the safe transportation of furniture around a shop or warehouse and some furniture trolleys provide a way of marketing three-piece suites as shown below.

Plasterboard Trolley

LA Plasterboard trolley

The plasterboard carrier called the “LoadALL” is a unique tool, designed for storing and transporting plasterboard and other large sheets of materials, and is the first manufactured in the UK market which can be folded down and stacked when not in use. Now available in three models with 750, 1000 and 1500 kg capacities.

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