Health – Safety & Security

We have a wide range of Health – Safety & Security products including personal safety such as safety clothing and fall protection along with property protection, security safes and mirrors.

The different categories are listed below and each of these has multiple pages with information on a wide variety of products. As well as the wide range of information listed below we also have relevant products in our secure online shop along with Special Offers that may be of interest.

This section contains the following subcategories, please choose one to browse;

Health - Safety & Security products


Safety Signs and Labels

We Sell Safety Signs at Merlin Industrial

Our new safety signs and labels, equipment shop is now live and can supply the vast number of products listed below quickly from stock.  From a brass nameplate to a padlock, please see the links below. As with all our sites your connection is secure, and you can visit using your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Fall Protection Kits with Safety Harness


As well as the separate fall arrestors and harnesses we also supply full fall protection kits all packaged in a helpful container providing all you need to protect yourself from falling. We now have a range of Fall Protection Kits with Safety Harness in our online shop shown below.

PVC Crash Service Doors

pvc crash doors 600px

The flexible PVC crash door has been designed with reliability in mind. Used across a number of industries, flexible crash doors provide exceptional value for money in a variety of commercial environments, including supermarkets, industrial warehouses, hospitals, clean-rooms and food preparation areas

School Safety Signs

10 MPH road traffic sign

School safety signs designed to make our schools and colleges safer. Various sizes, messages and materials for use inside and outside the academic premises. Signs from Merlin Industrial are normally in stock with delivery in two working days.

Safety Barriers Online Shop

plastic folding barrier

Welcome to our safety barriers online shop where a range of popular and competitively priced barriers, tapes and bollards can be found. Each of the products can be added to a quotation request should you be outside the standard England and Wales shipping area.

Floor Safety Products

floor safety signs 600

Floor safety products, signs and equipment include a wide range of labels, tapes and matting to help advise and protect personnel in the workplace. Included in the floor safety products are photoluminescent anti-slip stair nosing along with applicators.

Security Signs

security signs and labels

Security signs comprise a selection of our most popular mandatory, prohibition, warning and safe condition signs in A4 or A5 size. If your business uses CCTV, you must inform people that they could be recorded, by displaying signs which must be clearly visible and readable.

Safety Mirrors for Security and Safety

safety and security mirrors

Security or Safety mirrors are increasingly required in premises where staff numbers have decreased and observation of corridors and external areas need to be monitored. Safety mirrors also see around corners for possible dangers. Mirrors have long been used in shops for added security.

Protective Barrier Rail System

Protective rail system

Heavy duty protective barrier to protect personnel or equipment from damage by fork lifts or other dangers. Available in three lengths and with a corner bracket to cover most eventualities. Solid barriers offer confidence to staff and guests traversing areas where vehicles are in use. We have a choice of hoop and square section safety barriers.

First Aid Kits

first aid kits

A range of first aid kits and first aid accessories available quickly from stock. Links below take you to our secure on-line shop  where the complete range of first aid kits are shown. Images and underlined text take you to more information, larger images and the current discounted prices. 

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