Safety Barriers

Safety barriers and bollards for internal and external usages. Offering protection for people and property. New concertina style barriers complement the wide range.

Safety Barriers

PVC Crash Service Doors

pvc crash doors 600px

The flexible PVC crash door has been designed with reliability in mind. Used across a number of industries, flexible crash doors provide exceptional value for money in a variety of commercial environments, including supermarkets, industrial warehouses, hospitals, clean-rooms and food preparation areas

Safety Barriers Online Shop

plastic folding barrier

Welcome to our safety barriers online shop where a range of popular and competitively priced barriers, tapes and bollards can be found. Each of the products can be added to a quotation request should you be outside the standard England and Wales shipping area.

Protective Barrier Rail System

Protective rail system

Heavy duty protective barrier to protect personnel or equipment from damage by fork lifts or other dangers. Available in three lengths and with a corner bracket to cover most eventualities. Solid barriers offer confidence to staff and guests traversing areas where vehicles are in use. We have a choice of hoop and square section safety barriers.

Height Restriction Barriers

double width fixed height barrier

Height restriction barriers are designed to prevent vehicles over 2050 mm from gaining access and this covers caravans and Heavy Goods Vehicles. The height barriers are useful in front of multi-storey car parks, underground parking areas and ferry ports where the early height indication stops problem later on.

Foam Protective Barriers

head impact protection

Foam protective barriers offer an impact protection system to protect staff from corners and hard surfaces as well as protecting delicate equipment from damage by handling equipment. The edging is easily cut to size and applied and offers a lasting and highly visible protective barrier.

Sound Barriers for Noise Pollution

echo barrier cutting station

The Echo barrier offers three acoustic solutions for noisy sites whether its a construction site in the middle of London or a popular concert venue with nearby neighbours. The Echo barrier can help you either as a station like the image below surrounding the noise source or as flexible panels either draped over Heras fence panels or smaller sound barriers for noise pollution.

Bull Heavy Duty Barriers

bull heavy duty barriers

The Bull safety barriers are a heavy duty safety road barrier designed to protect pedestrians and property from the possible damage and injury caused by a collision. Simply and quickly installed by just two persons, the Bull barriers are lighter and stronger than the competition.

Desktop Sneeze Screens

Desktop sneeze shield operator view

The Desktop Sneeze Screens (DSS) are deigned as a quick and temporary fix for office workers sat at their desks and at risk of contamination from fellow workers and from spreading airborne germs themselves. Manufactured from lightweight plastic sheet in two halves covering desks 1200 to 1800 mm wide.

Heritage Bollards

Heritage reflex bollards bending under impact

These elegant traditionally styled heritage bollards combine first rate functionality with a timeless and stylish appearance. They are part of a coordinated range of bollards, low level signage and litter bins all with the same Heritage name, with their appearance being enhanced by an optional gold band trim.

Lift Out Barrier System

SBLR04 lift out barrier rail system

Lift Out Barrier System with easily removed rails allowing easy access to machinery or areas where extra safety precautions are required. Manufactured in the UK out of 80 mm heavy duty square tubular steel for the upright posts and 100 x 50 mm box section for the rails. Heights 500 and 1100 mm.

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