Fire Equipment

Fire fighting equipment including the latest UK legislation for safety signs both standard and photoluminescent for corridors and stairways. Also, large fire storage containers for laboratories and specialist storage.

fires safety equipment including signage

Fire Rated Large Stores

fire rated walk in stores

These are specialist stores that have been Fire rated for 1 hour, and they come complete with internal shelving and a sump to collect any leakage. Manufactured in two sizes with the smaller one having a capacity of 72 x 25 litre containers and the larger one 108 x 25 litre containers.

Fire Safety Legislation

safety signs and labels

Fire Safety Legislation. Helpful information on fire safety classifications and regulations for the United Kingdom. UK Government “Who’s responsible?” If you’re an owner, landlord or occupier of business or other non-domestic premises, you’ll be responsible for fire safety. You’re known as the ‘responsible person’. UK Gov Link.

Fire Safety Signs

fire escape keep clear sign

We have a wide range of fire safety signs available quickly from stock from our online shop with examples illustrated below. And links to our on-line shop where we have one of the largest ranges in the UK with different sizes and materials from rigid signs to self-adhesive safety signs. All signs are compliant with the latest UK legislation.

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