Chairs and Seating

The chairs and seating category offers chairs and benches for offices, receptions, boardrooms, conference and production areas. Manufactured with guarantees up to 5 years with specialist posture, bariatric and anti-static seating products.

Chairs and Seating Category


ESD Seating

neon workchair

Static electricity is created all the time at home and at the workplace. In normal circumstances, hand contact with a conductive material will discharge static from the body very rapidly. This is ESD (Electro Static Discharge).

Custom Sofas, Settees and Couches

gold fabric custom sofa

Custom sofas, settees and couches have the same meaning which is for a comfortable seat of various dimensions and fabrics. We can supply you a custom seating arrangement for a reception area or banqueting hall. These sofas, settees and couches are manufactured in the United Kingdom and can be customized to match existing soft seating or for making a statement.

Quality Tubs and Sofas


Quality tubs and sofas manufactured in the Midlands and available in a wide range of fabrics, including your own.  Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your seating has been manufactured by skilled trades people here in the UK and that the guarantee is genuine.

Blockley Modular Sofa Range

Blockley soft seating group shot 600

The Blockley modular sofa range of tiered seating has been around a long time and designed mainly for children. The new Blockley cubist range of soft upholstered provides the same multi-level soft seating capabilities for adults. Manufactured in the UK, we can offer custom arrangements and fabrics, including your own.

Executive Office Chairs


Executive office chairs in Fabric and Leather finishes and with such a wide range of styles we can supply a seat that is as individual as you are and with the latest technology, will remain comfortable and ergonomic for years of service.

Chair and Seating Shop

posture seating range

Merlin has added the majority of the seating ranges shown here to their chair and seating shop – online store where the latest products, prices and information are always available. Chairs for schools, canteens, cafés, executives, offices, posture, reception and conference and meeting areas.

Beam Seating for Waiting Areas

Beam Seating for Waiting Areas

Beam seating for waiting areas are designed to offer from 2 to 5 places on a bar with a leg at either end. The places can be chairs or tables, and the beam seating ranges are primarily designed for receptions, waiting areas such as the airports and healthcare spaces. Beam seating for waiting areas make cleaning easier with access underneath for vacuum and industrial floor cleaners.

Villain Upholstered Seating

villain seating conference group

The Villain range of upholstered seating brings back the wing backed chair. Using the latest manufacturing techniques and modern materials the Villain range of seating offers several leg options including the new lacquered steel frame for that industrial look.

Bariatric Heavy Duty Seating

Bariatric Seating range UK manufactured

A new range of bariatric heavy-duty seating developed in the UK and manufactured for the office and healthcare industry. The chairs not only look good but offer the required strengths and accessibility required for bariatric requirements. Supplied with hard-wearing fabrics and vinyls these chairs are easily cleaned and long-lasting. Chairs capacity varies from 203 to 320 kg.

Sterile Task Clean Room Seating

ASCR2 anti static cleanroom chair

Sterile applications demand an absolute commitment to the control of hygiene and cleanliness. The consequences of failing to meet the required standards can be serious in pharmaceutical production, food preparation and in public healthcare. Most of the clean room chairs include a HEPA filter.

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