Educational and IT Furniture

Educational and IT furniture that includes unbreakable coat hooks, rails, foldable stages and various storage equipment for plastic trays or computer equipment. Merlin offer industrial quality furniture designed for various educational ages along with cloakroom equipment manufactured in the UK.

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Unbreakable Plastic Coat Hooks

row of unbreakable plastic coat hooks in various colours 600px

Unbreakable Plastic Coat Hooks are becoming increasingly popular, as unlike the standard steel hooks, these are less rigid and offer more protection for children and adults. How tough are the hooks? They are ‘Unbreakable’ and have been used on an adult climbing wall in Glasgow!

Home Office Furniture

Louvre hutch desk, home office furniture with built-in storage

The home office furniture section is becoming more important as students need a place to study and prepare homework and adults frequently need a place to accumulate documentation. For the increasing number of people now working from home in smaller spaces our range of small office and home office (SOHO) has been greatly enhanced with more styles from our online shop, shown at the bottom of this page.

Cloakroom Shoe Baskets

Wire mesh shoe baskets

Wire mesh shoe baskets can be used with existing cloakroom furniture, or they can be supplied with our cloakroom benches with 1, 5 and 10 shoe or boot compartments. Each shoe basket is manufactured in the UK using heavy duty wire mesh allowing items stored to be aired and easily seen.

Cloakroom Units

cloakroom units with unbreakable coat hooks

Our Cloakroom furniture systems are now available within 7 days for most sizes and faster on our most popular coat hanging units.  All the benches below are available with optional shoe baskets and are designed for schools and public changing areas. (Now with the popular unbreakable plastic coat hooks) Prices and further models listed below.

Antibacterial Door Furniture

antibacterial door furniture

You can now protect your school staff and students from harmful bacteria with the new antibacterial door furniture. Clinically proven to kill 99.9% of all known human harmful bacteria including: Norovirus, E.Coli, MRSA, C.Difficile, Salmonella, Fungal and Legionella. Covid-19 has not been tested though these systems antibacterial properties will help kill the virus quickly. No need to change every week/month as the antibacterial material is always there.

Titan Educational and Healthcare Chairs

The benefit of one piece Polypropylene chairs is well documented in terms of their longevity [20 year warranty], comfort and safety in the classroom. With no screws for to remove, no sharp edges to cause damage, no metalwork to rust and full EN1729 Certification. We also have the antibacterial Titan chair for children.

Outdoor Educational Seating

Recycled plastic Bench and Table

Merlin supplies a lot of equipment and furniture to educational establishments across the UK and can now offer outdoor educational seating primarily for schools though equally suitable for adults and children alike. All of the outdoor seating products can be purchased at our online shop. Manufactured from recycled plastics the seating products are weatherproof and long lasting.

ICT Educational Projects

ICT projects layout service 600

Sometimes your educational facility needs more than simple solution and Merlin Industrial can help with their ICT ( Information and Communication Technologies) Educational Projects system that helps you to achieve a complete result and support a variety of learning methods using the latest technologies.

IT Desking for Education

IT Desking for education banner

Educational and Teamwork desking including Flip-top desks, height adjustable desks, modular desks as well as desk accessories so that your work space can be secure and informative at all times. As well as the standard IT desk systems shown below, we can also offer a design and manufacturing service.

Student Accommodation

STUDENT lounge kitchen furniture

Manufactured in the UK we now offer a wide range of student accommodation that includes beds, mattresses, storage and work areas. Available as standard sizes or manufactured to fit the available spaces. Please contact Merlin Industrial for more information.

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