Office Partition Systems

Office partition systems that include partitions manufactured using glass and wood, as well as temporary screens, designed to separate open spaces. Merlin also has the acoustic pods that offer spaces for learning or working without noise from the surrounding areas.

office partition screens


Chatbox Acoustic Booths

chatboxes individual acoustic partition booth

The Chatbox acoustic booths are designed for the busy open-plan office or for a canteen, reception area where finding a quiet oasis is difficult, especially when you really need to hear the person on the other end of your call. These acoustic booths have been designed by experts and are manufactured here, in the UK.

Vetro Glass Partitioning


Vetro Glass Partitioning is one of the newest ranges of fully glazed frame-less partitioning, available in single and double glazed formats with acoustic properties up to 47 dB. As the Vetro range is more modern it offers benefits because of the latest manufacturing and components now available.

Metropol Screens and Presentation

Metropol whiteboard office screens

As we as our huge range of standard office screens we also have the dual purpose Metropol presentation, privacy and partition panels designed and manufactured in Germany to offer precise and elegant solutions to those companies requiring much more from their office screens.

Storagewall Partition System

storage wall partition system

Storagewall Partition System is a comprehensive partitioning system that includes a large amount of storage so that the partition not only breaks up areas but reduces the amount of cupboards and filing storage required in the office space.

Acoustic Office PODs

acoustic hubs uk

Privacy can be difficult to find in a modern, open plan office. From the smallest hub, which is like a telephone booth and adequate for one person, to the largest which can accommodate groups, Acoustic Hubs can be adapted and customised to fit your own office requirements, creating multiple working zones in one place.

Glass Office Partition

glass partition systems

Working in Glass allows transparency and light, with no visible limits or barriers around you. All this with a custom glass partition system that lends itself to endless configurations, combinations and interpretations and available in wood, steel and frame-less versions.

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