Office Screens and Panels

Office Screens and Panels are manufactured for specifically for offices requiring desktop screens or free-standing acoustic and fire rated panels. With a wide range of models and colours the office screens are upholstered in UK contract fabrics as well as wood, steel and glass options.

office partition screens

Acoustic Screens and Office Panels

Acoustic Screens

Office screens and partitions provide many benefits with the main ones being noise reduction and privacy. Most of the office screens we supply are demount-able and can be moved as and when required and make office plan changes easy to implement.

Free-standing and Linked Screens

e range acoustic office freestanding screens

The E range of office dividers and desktop partitions offer good acoustic qualities, sturdy construction and an eight-year guarantee combined with a host of other options and features. The E range of free-standing screens are unique in their ability to offer a host of special features which you would only expect to find on much more expensive products.

Glass and Acrylic Office Screens

Glass reception screens as per phillips

Glass and Acrylic screens allow maximum light within a space while also offering a way to define areas and routes. The Glass screens can be supplied in clear, frosted and even sign written versions with company logos and manifestations.  Our new protect plastic screens are designed to protect staff from airborne contaminants and are extremely popular during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Freestanding Steel Screens

freestanding steel screens

The freestanding steel screens in painted steel allow you to create instantly independent flows for ensuring social distancing with no need for construction work. The sturdiness of the design enables full stability and avoids any inadvertent movement of the screens. Available in two versions : steel sheet panels or combined steel sheet / plexiglas panels.

Unusual Office Screens

unusual screens for offices and opeb spaces

Unusual office screens that offer alternative solutions for breaking up large spaces and injecting colour and texture. We have two types of dividers as shown below with the Merlin lattice effect and the Bamboo curtain, catering for non-standard tastes and suitable for canteens, openspaces, educational facilities and receptions.

Workplace Divider Screens

Free standing workplace clear pvc screens

Workplace divider screens are a result of the Coronavirus and a way of helping companies in the UK observe social distancing whilst still manufacturing and providing goods and services. Manufactured using a corrugated and easily cleaned plastic the divider screens are easily assembled and easily moved from place to place.

Desk-Top Office Screens

Desktop screens

Originators of, and Design Award Winners for Desk-Top office screens. Over the last sixteen years they have constantly re-invested in extensive research and tooling to build up a library of off-the-shelf fixings that enable almost any desk ever made so that they can be retro-fitted with screens.

Contract Office Panels Range

RB screens different shape options

The RB screen range uses 30 years of manufacturing experience to give cost-effective solutions for the many screening problems that occur in today’s offices. Sturdily constructed in a variety of shapes and sizes, they can be supplied as Free-standing or Linking, in a range of 21 fabric colours with a choice of Black, Brown, Light Grey or Dark Grey, UPV a high impact resistant edge trim.

Customised Office Screens

customised office screens

Customised office screens are available for requirements where a specific design is required to suit your particular needs. Special cutouts can be provided for various structural items such as pipes and shapes and sizes can be designed to work for your office space.

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