Reception Furniture

Reception furniture encompasses counter units from budget to designer and includes tables and seating, manufactured specifically for company waiting areas and available in different styles and finishes so that the reception area can reflect your companies’ ethos.

Reception units and furnishings

Reception Furniture Ranges

50 full black and white reception 600

We have an enormous range of reception units from budget to bespoke with the models below part of the standard off the shelf models available in a couple of weeks. For bespoke customer units please visit the page here. All the units below have downloadable brochures showing the recommended prices as well as specifications.

Modern Soft Seating

zig-zag soft seating range

A new and exciting range of soft seating manufactured in the United Kingdom and available in a wide range of fabrics and colours and ideal for receptions and waiting areas. A new way of furnishing “Social Spaces” is now proving popular after successfully working in universities.

Premia Reception Units


Premia executive reception units are hand built in a wide range of real woods and veneers. The Premia range of reception desk designs grows larger as it gets higher from the ground much like the ecologically farmed trees they are crafted from. Offering a bespoke service your reception can be tailored exactly as you want.

Fusion Reception Units

Quarter cut Walnut veneer fusion1

Fusion Reception Units are hand crafted here in the United Kingdom the Fusion reception units offer your visitors obvious quality to admire and the wide range of veneers and shapes means that your reception will be as individual as you are.

Stocked Reception Seating

Helsinki group stocked reception seating

The reception and waiting area is an integral area for any company and practice. Visitors like to feel comfortable whether they are there to discuss business or have their teeth extracted. Our range of stocked reception seating offers a quick and competitive option should you be looking to upgrade or extend your waiting areas.

Reception MTO Seating

made to order reception seating

Made to order reception seating, upholstered soft seating helps to create relaxed working environments where people can go for some time away from their desk, meet and collaborate or bring their laptop with them to work away from the distractions of phones and colleagues, ideal for corporate breakout spaces, open plan offices, reception areas and meeting rooms.

Reception Desks and Modular Units

modular reception units made in the UK

Your reception area is of critical importance as it is for any business. It needs to be a welcoming space for all visitors, from valued customers to prospective new starters arriving for an interview. But the reception area is also where every office day begins for all employees and it should inspire them to be proud about where they work and reassure people that you mean business.

Buronomic Reception Counters

rivage reception counter with leds

Make your reception a light and welcoming space with the Buronomic Reception counters and designed and manufactured in Northern France and available quickly from stock. Clean, elegant and practical it creates the ideal setting to welcome and impress your visitors.

JoJo Reception Sofa Range

jojo soft seating 2 and1 seaters

The JoJo reception sofa range of hand built soft seating manufactured here in the UK and available with a wide range of fabrics including vinyl’s and leathers. Designed from the start for commercial use the chairs are ideal for receptions and waiting areas where waiting times could be extensive. The JoJo range can also be rented for film and TV work.

Decorative Office Plants

welcome to the decorative office plants

Decorative office plants offer a relaxing view within any workspace and do not need to be watered or fed as with natural plants. Ideal for receptions these very high quality artificial plants can be used to offer privacy and to break up the harsh lines of office furniture and provide an oasis of greenery amongst the technology. 

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