Mailroom Equipment

Mailroom Equipment comprising mail and post room trolleys and equipment for sorting and moving post and packages around a building. Merlin also has stair climbing trolleys with mesh baskets for when a lift is not available. Sorting post and parcels is essential for most big companies and our equipment is ideal for mailrooms.

Mailroom stair climbeing trolley with mesh baskets

Document Distribution Stairclimber

Stairclimbing mailroom trolley

The document distribution stairclimber has been designed to make safe work of delivering mail and small parcels up and down stairs. The baskets can also hold lateral files making the stair climbing trolley ideal where files need to be moves around a large office.  The extra pannier basket PB800Z fits on the back of the trolley, and the two baskets on the front of the trolley come as standard.

Mailroom Packing Station and Accessories


The Treston packaging bench, manufactured in Finland for many decades has been the most popular and versatile packing bench in Europe and offers height adjustability for different shifts and personnel. The TPB bench is modular and can be added to years after your first purchase, growing as your needs evolve.

Mail room Furniture


Merlin Industrial supply a wide range of mail room furniture including packaging benches, steel mail lockers and standard benches at various heights for standing or sitting at.

Post Room Mesh Trolleys

OT2 Mesh post trolley

Post Room Mesh Trolleys are available in an assortment of sizes for small to large facilities with various central mail room departments and a requirement to transport post and parcels around the building.

Wire Mesh Mail Sorting System

Mail Sorting System

Popular red plastic coated wire mesh pigeon hole sorting system available in 24 and 18 compartments. Designed for busy offices looking to have a central area where staff can collect there mail or correspondence.

Distribution Trolleys

BT100 Mailroom trolley and Baskets

Distribution trolleys provide an easy way to transport large and small internal mail, parcels, components or goods around a company, and we have a wide range of mesh and plastic tray trolleys to cover most if not all eventualities. All of the distribution trolleys shown below are manufactured here in the United Kingdom and offer a quality industrial solution for your handling requirements. BT100 Super Service Trolley

Chrome Wire Distribution Trolleys

Chrome Plated Wire Trolley

This chrome wire mesh trolley has two deep baskets making it ideal for carrying parcels and goods around busy offices and shops. Excellent visibility due to the wire mesh also allows for ventilation. Please view our other chrome wire trolleys below.

Durable Mailroom Benches

laminate Medium Duty Workbench

Reliable laminated or MDF topped mailroom benches designed for extended use and delivered fully assembled with welded frames and adjustable feet. Heights can be specified from 750 to 1000mm.

Mailroom Distribution Trolleys

mesh basket mailroom trolleys

Mail Distribution Trolleys, Popular mail, documents and parcel distribution trolleys with mesh baskets for easy visibility and large 200mm diameter wheel at the back to make moving the trolleys easier around busy workplaces.

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