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Mailroom Equipment

Mailroom Equipment comprising mail and post room trolleys and equipment for sorting and moving post and packages around a building. Merlin also has stair climbing trolleys with mesh baskets for when a lift is not available. Sorting post and parcels is essential for most big companies and our equipment is ideal for mailrooms.

Mailroom stair climbeing trolley with mesh baskets

Stairclimbing mailroom trolley

Document Distribution Stairclimber

The document distribution stairclimber has been designed to make safe work of delivering mail and small parcels up and down stairs. The baskets can also hold lateral files making the stair climbing trolley ideal where files need to be moves around a large office.  The extra pannier basket PB800Z fits on the back of the trolley, and the two baskets on the front of the trolley come as standard.

BT100 Mailroom trolley and Baskets

Distribution Trolleys

Distribution trolleys provide an easy way to transport large and small internal mail, parcels, components or goods around a company, and we have a wide range of mesh and plastic tray trolleys to cover most if not all eventualities. All of the distribution trolleys shown below are manufactured here in the United Kingdom and offer a quality industrial solution for your handling requirements.

BT100 Super Service Trolley