Packaging Solutions

The packaging solution category covers specialist requirements rather than the typical bubble wrap. Our Winchester bottle carriers are used by laboratories across the UK, and we provide manufactured to order packaging in riveted plastic sheet such as the popular pharmacy boxes. Our UN aluminium containers meet international approval for the protection of delicate contents.

Pharmacy boxes and custom cases

Soft Protective Padded Bags

Soft Bags 1

We supply custom-made soft protective padded bags to the Emergency Services, Sports Sector and the Exhibition Display Industry to name but a few. Instead of sourcing through China and having to contend with large order quantities and lengthy lead times, why not deal with a reliable UK supplier that offers quality products, quick lead times and a large choice of material grades and colours.

Musical Instrument Cases

Music and Drum Cases

Leicestershire-based Premier, who supply drums to some of the world’s best known musicians and bands including Radiohead, Robbie Williams, Paul Weller, Marilyn Manson and The Hives, trust these musical instrument cases to keep their drums in perfect condition as they are shipped around the world on tour after tour.

19-inch Fabricated Cases

571 Slide 19 inch rack

19-inch Fabricated Cases to house various industrial standard rack equipment. The racks feature double punched rack rails fitted directly to the inside, front and rear. Manufactured from plastic sheet or laminate with optional suspension foams for maximum ease of mind.

Pharmacy Boxes and Bags

medical transit cases 600

Pharmacy boxes and bags are for the safe, secure storage and transportation of medical supplies. The custom bags and boxes are most often used in medical establishments such as the NHS and pharmacies. Merlin Industrial have a few standard sized units for Winchester bottles though mostly they are custom manufactured to your requirements.

Packaging Workbenches

packaging benches

This economy packaging bench is ideal for companies sending more and more products by mail or courier. With all your bubble-wrap and parcel tapes in one place you can quickly dispatch products professionally and because this bench is manufactured here in the UK you can rest assured that it will last and provide many years of service.

Winchester Bottle Carriers

WBC80T mobile winchester bottle carrier

Designed for the safe packaging and transportation of the Winchester bottles. These steel robust packaging containers have a built in partition designed to take any leaks from the Winchester bottles whilst in transit. Specialised bottle containers for medical and research establishments designed for ease of transport and security, castors available on the larger models to help in manual handling..  

Packaging Station

packaging benches group

Adjustable packaging stations ensure that valuable and vulnerable products are packed on equipment specifically designed for the task. Manual or electrical height adjustment of worktops 760mm to 1050 mm allowing staff to sit or stand and ideal for shift changes.

Custom Made Flight Cases

custom containers for Europe

Flight cases provide a safe, secure storage and transport solution for valuable equipment in any size and shape and suitable for private, medical and military applications from a Stradivarius violin to a Torpedo. The cases can be supplied with pallet bases or mobile with castors. 

Platform PVC Covers

platform cover and frame inside

Designed and manufactured for one of our customers for maintaining a large number of refrigerated trucks / trailers around the country in all seasons, our Platform PVC Covers offer a cost effective solution for protecting staff and equipment from the weather.

PVC Covers

pvc rollcage zip cover

PVC covers can be supplied in a wide range of colours and sizes with accessories such as viewing hatches, zips and Velcro flaps. The covers can also be personalised with corporate logos or text for identification. Please see some of the applications below. Special covers can be designed and manufactured to cover almost any item.

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