The storage section contains categories on plastic containers, steel cupboards and cabinets, specialist display furniture, storage for gas cylinders and bottles, a vast range of lockers in steel and plastic, timber and plastic pallets, industrial shelving and racking.

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Storage solutions that include lockers

Polyethylene Storage Cabinets


Polyethylene storage cabinets manufactured from plastic offer several advantages over steel systems and are fully compliant with current UK oil storage regulations. We have a selection of polyethylene cabinets that are seamlessly moulded with integral sumps for the protection from spillages. The mobile cabinets can be used a spill response carts.

Kinetic Shelving System

mobile shelving white with coloured handles

Kinetic range of Mobile shelving is designed to increase available space by up to 100% and allow the maximum use of available storage space. Ideal for archiving the mobile shelving can limit the space required and centralise the storage of a great deal of information. Based on a track system these can easily be added …

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Charging Lockers

tool charging lockers

We have one of the largest ranges of charging lockers suitable for tools, laptops and personal equipment. The charging lockers can also be supplied in freestanding or wall-mounted options along with a new range of USB charging lockers.

Flat packed Personal Lockers

flat packed personal lockers

Flat packed personal lockers are perfect for areas where access is limited or, for exporting overseas where carriage costs are calculated on volume. These self-assembly lockers are also more robust when constructed due to the manufacturing process for each component. Unlike normal lockers that are robot welded and rely on the total design for strength.

Stacking and Nesting Plastic Containers

Plastic Bread Container

A comprehensive range of versatile plastic stacking and nesting containers that save space. Principal products include stack nest with bale arm, containers that stack and nest through 180° rotation, bread baskets and attached-lid containers.

Plastic Trough Trolleys

Trough trolleys for the food industry

The plastic trough trolley or stand has been designed mainly for the food manufacturing industry with plastic troughs moulded in medium density polyethylene MDPE. The chassis cane be supplied in powder coated steel or stainless steel along with castors for easy mobility. The troughs can also be accessorized with taps and lids.

Longspan Shelving

Longspan Double Bay

Longspan shelving is one of the most popular storage systems due to its versatility in storing all different sizes and weights. Available quickly from stock you can be assured that any shelving system you get from Merlin will last many years and should you wish to expand in the future the components will still be …

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Cage Retention Units for Pallets

retention cage unit on a plastic pallet

Convert a standard pallet into a stackable chrome mesh container in seconds. Cage Retention Units for Pallets with a variety of capacities and sizes. A host of accessories such as security lids for the cage retention units will save money and space. Make your existing pallets work!

Topdrawer Small Parts Storage


Topdrawer small parts storage compartments with clear fronts and label holders for easy product or parts identification and display. A selection of freestanding units and a practical trolley to provide an ideal storage solution for most environments.

ESD Open fronted Plastic Containers

ESD rack boxes and material flow boxes group

ESD open-front containers are made of a special plastic to which conductive carbon fibres are added during production. This makes the containers conductive and prevents an electrostatic charge from being created by friction (ESD = electrostatic discharge). ESD products are usually black because of the carbon fibres that are used to make them.

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