Containers are available in a wide range of materials, cardboard, steel, plastic, aluminium and specialist materials such as ESD for the protection and transportation of static sensitive devices SSD’s. From small parts to large Merlin has a container to suit your necessities.

Industrial containers

Stacking and Nesting Plastic Containers

Plastic Bread Container

A comprehensive range of versatile plastic stacking and nesting containers that save space. Principal products include stack nest with bale arm, containers that stack and nest through 180° rotation, bread baskets and attached-lid containers.

Plastic Trough Trolleys

Trough trolleys for the food industry

The plastic trough trolley or stand has been designed mainly for the food manufacturing industry with plastic troughs moulded in medium density polyethylene MDPE. The chassis cane be supplied in powder coated steel or stainless steel along with castors for easy mobility. The troughs can also be accessorized with taps and lids.

ESD Open fronted Plastic Containers

ESD rack boxes and material flow boxes group

ESD open-front containers are made of a special plastic to which conductive carbon fibres are added during production. This makes the containers conductive and prevents an electrostatic charge from being created by friction (ESD = electrostatic discharge). ESD products are usually black because of the carbon fibres that are used to make them.

Emergency Safe Storage Bowsers

1000litre mobile water bowser

The emergency safe storage bowsers are available in both static and mobile variants. Designed to hold in excess of 1000 litres these bowsers can offer immediate relief in the case of disasters like flooding or when water supplies are restricted.  Highways maintenance can also use these to clean roads of mud and other dangerous debris …

Emergency Safe Storage Bowsers Read More »

IBC container covers and heaters

ibc heaters and jackets

A range of heaters, jackets and covers all designed for the international ISO IBC container that is one of the most popular ways of moving and storing chemicals. The range below includes waterproof covers through to insulated jackets and heaters designed to maintain the viscosity of various substances. Discounted Prices shown below.

Container Trucks

HAYSOAKER mobile plastic container

Plastic containers on wheels with a capacity of 130 to 625 litres and built on a plywood base offering better stability and strength. Available in Natural White, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow with a normal lead time of 2 weeks. Lids are also available and listed below along with bottle and tidy trucks.

IBC Plastic Containers

classic ibc containers group of 3

IBC Plastic Containers are available on metal and plastic pallets. We also have our fold-able pallet boxes with bags for transporting liquids. Merlin Industrial can help you source small quantities of quality European manufactured IBC’s though for larger quantities you are advised to talk direct to one of the many manufacturers.

Perforated and Mesh Containers

k250 perforated baskets and containers

Aluminium perforated / mesh containers and baskets ideal for civilian and military applications. Sometimes also called tote boxes as each of the perforated containers and baskets has helpful hand holes to allow easy manual handling. The K250 and K251 models are detailed below along with a brochure on more specialised aluminium containers.

Interbin Open fronted Containers


The Interbin is a popular open fronted style of plastic container that has a multitude of uses and applications. Designed to fit on to a Louvre panel, trolley, cabinet or on top of each other there are very few containers that have the same capacity or flexibility of use.

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