Display Equipment

The display equipment category primarily caters for retail with wire mesh baskets and cubes etc. Merlin also supplies a wide range of secure display equipment for computers, art galleries and council notice boards.

Glass presentation cabinet for trophies

Topdrawer Small Parts Storage


Topdrawer small parts storage compartments with clear fronts and label holders for easy product or parts identification and display. A selection of freestanding units and a practical trolley to provide an ideal storage solution for most environments.

Drawing Management Systems

technical drawing management systems

Drawing management systems have been designed to meet the demands of today’s drawing storage requirements and are suitable for use in the office as well as on site. The heart of the system is the clamping hanger which is supplied with or without a carrying handle. The hanger is supplied in various lengths and can be stored in a wide range of versatile carriers. Now available on our online shop we have various drawing storage and new technical equipment such as light boxes.

Plastic Display Cubes

assorted plastic display cubes

The plastic display cubes plinth is a practical display solution, great for galleries, museums, retail display and exhibitions. Providing a simple, attractive and long lasting display platform for art work, exhibits, retail products and museum pieces.

Display Furniture

display furniture

We have poster display and signage products that can be wall mounted or free-standing. These display stands can be used for a wide range of information displays such as posters for news and health & safety information. Internal or External job vacancies along with trophy and product display cases. The display furniture includes lockable cabinets for posters and general information along with chalkboards for pavement cafés. 

Glass and Steel Display Cabinets

glass and steel display cabinets

Glass and Steel Display Cabinets offer an attractive way to display products, trophies, awards and merchandise in the reception or showroom. As well as standard glass display cases the factory can also manufacture custom units and, with shelf loadings of up to 30 kg you can display almost anything.

Display Cabinets for Literature

office pigeon hole literature display systems

To help present literature and brochures in an attractive and useful way. These pigeon hole styled display systems offer an ideal way to show visitors and staff magazines and information with a clever front flap showing the contents inside.

Wire / Mesh Storage Baskets

wire mesh baskets red green blue

Wire or Mesh storage baskets have been used for decades in the retail industry, they are heavy duty, cost-effective alternative to traditional racking & shelving. The baskets are plastic coated so garments won’t snag, and the baskets won’t rust. Dividers are used to make different sized compartments within the baskets, which is great for order picking and shop display..

Artwork and Gallery Mobile Storage

arkle mobile art storage racks

Artwork and Gallery Mobile Storage or ARKLE for short offers gallery and museum solutions that allow for the maximum utilisation of space for artwork and object storage, removing the need to handle individual items and ultimately reducing the risk of damage to artefacts. Either wall, floor or ceiling mounted systems allow the mesh panels to be rolled in and out as needed.

Secure Computer Workstations

laptop cupboard 16912350.11v

Steel enclosures for computer equipment offer security and prevent unauthorised tampering.  The workstations below have been designed for the specific use of computers and offer good ventilation, pull out shelves for keyboards and accessories such as mobility options allowing you to unplug and take the computer to another location.  

Reference and Display Cabinets

display and referencing cabinets

Designed for museums and high end retail organisations these heavy duty referencing cabinets with large display area and multiple design options allow cabinets to be used for multiple applications; from high value artefact display or back-of-house storage.

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