Merlin no longer supplies wooden pallets and, instead concentrates on the plastic reusable pallet in a wide range of formats along with stillages and stacking post pallets. The auto pallet leveller and mesh wire retention collars to go on existing pallets complement the category.

Pallet leveller for wrapping etc.


Cage Retention Units for Pallets

retention cage unit on a plastic pallet

Convert a standard pallet into a stackable chrome mesh container in seconds. Cage Retention Units for Pallets with a variety of capacities and sizes. A host of accessories such as security lids for the cage retention units will save money and space. Make your existing pallets work!

Steel Stillages and Post Pallets

steel stillages

Steel stillages also known as Steel pallet boxes have been around since the industrial revolution due to their simplicity and the usefulness of the design. The stillages shown here are all new though we do have access to a wide range of used and rental pallet boxes.

Automatic Pallet Leveller

spring lift pallet leveller

The Automatic Pallet Leveller is the only manual self levelling lift table / work positioner alternative current-powered automatic pallet levellers on the market. Unlike our laundry self levellers this model can cater for 200 – 2000 kg.

Hygiene Plastic Pallets

Hygiene plastic pallets

Hygienic plastic pallets are also known as the H1 or H3 pallets. They have been specially developed for the storage and transportation of foodstuffs. Its standardised external dimensions make it the perfect basis for hygienically flawless stackable containers and also suitable for worldwide exports.

Cleanroom Plastic Pallets

Cleanroom plastic pallets

Cleanroom plastic pallets with smooth and solid storage surface, these cleanroom pallets are easy to clean thoroughly and consequently ideal for the storage and transportation of hygienic goods. The pallet is available either with or without a retaining edge. We also have a new range manufactured from recycled plastic.

Medium Duty Plastic Pallets

Medium plastic pallets

The medium duty plastic pallets are made of scratch-resistant, high-quality plastic and is an all-rounder in day-to-day service with load-bearing capacities between those of the lightweight and the hygienic pallet. It is suitable for worldwide exports and, with steel tube reinforcements, is also ideal for use in high-bay warehouses.

Lightweight Plastic Pallets

Lightweight plastic pallets

The lightweight pallet has an especially low empty weight. The lightweight plastic pallet also has an impressive load-bearing capacity and is therefore suitable for use in worldwide transportation. Light pallets with legs can be stored inside each other to save space and skids provide optimal stability especially for large loads.

Plastic Pallets

CPP878 CABKA-IPS pallet range

Plastic pallets are now a requirement in the food industry and provide a storage base that can be continually used and cleaned.  Plastic pallets are also lighter than the timber versions and allow for a wide range of applications such as storage on racking and a range of nesting pallets are also available to reduce storage space when not in use.

Steel Pallets and Stillages


A wide variety of steel storage pallets that are manufactured to suit most requirements. Available in a variety of colours, the range includes:

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