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Cement and Concrete Hopper

800litre cement hopper
The cement and concrete hopper attachment is ideal for moving concrete or any other granular material easily around a site and can be poured in a controlled manner, reducing waste, ensuring accuracy and making cleaning up a lot easier. As well as the cement hoppers, Merlin can supply Block and Brick grabbers for the construction industry.

Ideal where access for a ready mix concrete truck is restricted.  The cement hopper comes in two sizes .50 m cubed and .80 m cubed. As well as being forked lifted, the hopper can also be moved by a crane.

Cement hoppers have also been used for dispensing food, pellets and granules for various industries.

800litre cement hopper

Download the Cement Hopper Specifications.

Brick and Block Scissor Grabs

construction grabs for bricks and blocks

Some models available and the specifications.

Model RefCapacity
Free Height
Jaw Length
2469100125  – 150160100
2474300300 – 1000100150
203700400 – 650200600
4061500400 – 6502001200
6091500600 -9502201200
610A1500600 – 910180 or 4301200
13112000600 – 1080220 – 8351200
760S1500400 – 1070180 – 5001200

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