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Chassis Trucks for Heavy Loads

ct455 chassis truck 455 litre

Our chassis trucks are an ideal health and safety product as they enable you to transport heavy loads with minimum effort. The tanks are moulded in food grade polyethylene meaning that the chassis trucks can be used in food-related environments. Several sizes are available, and all orders are despatched within 15 working days from receipt of order. Tanks are only available in natural, frames are only available in blue.

455 Litre heavy duty tank and stainless steel chassis frame. Capable of supporting heavy loads this robust and high-quality unit is well suited to industrial handling applications.

Model CT455SS

Colours available;

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
Able to support heavy loads; Tank can be removed from the frame for easy cleaning; Chassis frames are constructed from high-quality 304-grade stainless steel; Tanks can be supplied in a choice of Colours with optional lids;

Additional Information

MaterialRecommended Weight Limit450kgWheel/Castor Type

Product CodeCT455SS
External Dimensions1320 x 735 x 800mm
Internal Base DimensionsNo
Food Grade Medium Density Polyethylene
Volume Capacity455 Litres
4 x 4″ Swivel



  • Tanks manufactured from tough, 100% food grade medium density polyethylene.
  • Chassis manufactured in tubular steel.
  • An ideal product for transporting heavy loads with ease.
  • Various sizes are available.

 Product Code X8302


External Length of 980 mm

External Width of 580 mm

Weight (KG) 2.5

Material MDPE


Product Code X8304


External Length 1160 mm

External Width of 690 mm

Weight (KG) 3.7

Material MDPE


Product Code R89


External Length 1680 mm

External Width of 780 mm

External Height 1070 mm

Internal Length 1420 mm

Internal Width of 660 mm

Internal Height 860 mm

Capacity (litres) 660 mm

Cubic Feet 23.1

Weight (KG) 57

Material MDPE


Product Code R91


External Length 1510 mm

External Width of 760 mm

External Height of 850 mm

Internal Length 1270 mm

Internal Width of 660 mm

Internal Height 660

Capacity (litres) 383

Cubic Feet 13.41

Weight (KG) 40

Material MDPE



Product Code R31


External Length 1920 mm

External Width of 880 mm

External Height 1150 mm

Internal Length 1630 mm

Internal Width of 740 mm

Internal Height 910 mm

Capacity (litres) 850

Cubic Feet 29.75

Weight (KG) 74

Material MDPE