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Chatbox Acoustic Booths

chatboxes individual acoustic partition booth

The Chatbox acoustic booths are designed for the busy open-plan office or for a canteen, reception area where finding a quiet oasis is difficult, especially when you really need to hear the person on the other end of your call. These acoustic booths have been designed by experts and are manufactured here, in the UK.


The Chatbox’s sleek design takes up the minimum of space whilst still offering  a quiet place to have a chat to someone or to hear yourself think.


  • Manufactured in White or Black so that they work with a wide range of office layouts.
  • Soundproofing with a dB rating of 34
  • Supplied with shelf and power outlet with UK plug and USB as standard
  • Led lighting that is energy-efficient and helps your eyes to perform at their best
  • Silent ventilation and a fresh indoor climate to support a focused mind
  • Optional whiteboard and TV bracket ideal for video calls

Chatbox Specifications

  • Abundant natural LED light with a low-power consumption of 6.7W, 4000K, 900 lumens.
  • Sleek, modern design that is sheet metal painted black or white and provides impeccable form, function, design and durability
  • Everything you need for a productive private conversation, finished in echo free fabric including power outlet and MDF shelf 700 mm wide x 300 mm deep
  • Handle on left or right-hand side with 8 mm thick glass for superior acoustic quality.
  • Width 1000 mm Depth 1000 mm Height 2227 mm

chatbox office privacy booth

Please download the 2021 brochure here.