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Chemical Absorbents

chemical absorbents group

Chemical absorbents for cleaning up various hazardous chemicals, including Hydrofluoric acids and many more hazardous leakages. Absorbents are one of the most cost-effective ways of containing and recovering spilt liquids. Having the correct type of product on site will allow you to manage any potential workplace spillage.

The popular models of chemical absorbancy products are a small example of what is available. Please contact Merlin Industrial if the size of product shown does not match your requirements.

Eco Classic Chemical Boom

chemical absorbent boom

Chemical Booms are made from a yellow spun bond outer layer, with a treated hydrophilic absorbent core and surrounded by a high tensile strength outer nylon netting. This makes our Chemical booms perfect for containing larger spills on land.

The Chemical booms can be lined together to extend the area of containment and make one large containment boom.



Units in Pack:4
Size:13 cm x 3 m
Absorbency:120 Litres per pack

Spill Caddy Kit

spillage caddy kit

A solution for a mobile spill response, ideal to be used as a body fluid spill kit. This kit comes complete with a 5L Spill Aid bag, a portable carry case that converts into a sign, a dustpan and brush with gloves and a hazardous waste bag and tie.



Size:5 Litres Per Bag
Absorbs:Maintenance, Chemicals, Oils Only

Premier Extra Chemical Roll

chemical absorbent roll

Made from 100% Polypropylene with a sonic bonded core, complete with a spun bond top layer. The Premier Extra Chemical Roll is our most absorbing Chemical roll.

Each roll is perforated, making it easier to tear for longer strips of absorbent covering larger areas. This roll is equivalent to a pack of Chemical Pads (C0215040).

Units in Pack:1
Size:50 cm x 40 m

Premier Extra Chemical Sheets

chemical absorbet sheets

The heaviest duty absorbent sheet used for smaller spills and cleaning tools. Sheets are commonly used for smaller but more frequent spills. Our Premier Extra Chemical Sheet offers a better absorption rate and is stronger when saturated, making these an ideal solution for day to day use.

Units in Pack:200
Size:50 cm x 40 m
Absorbency:0.6L per sheet

Chemical Absorbent Socks

chemical absorbent socks

These Chemical socks have a yellow spun bond outer skin, with a treated hydrophilic absorbent filling. This is for use with most liquids, including aggressive chemicals. Ideal for containing/absorbing chemical spills around the workplace.

The absorbent fill is housed in a spun bond outer skin, that is stitched at both ends to avoid any chemical reactions.

Units in Pack:20
Size:7.5 cm x 1.2 m
Absorbency:4.5L Per Sock

Chemical Absorbent Pillows

chemical absorbent pillows

These Chemical Pillows are yellow and are made from a spun bond outer layer for fast wicking, with a treated hydrophilic absorbent and are stitched around the outside to avoid any chemical reactions.

Pillows are used to catch spills under machinery or where drops and leaks are a problem. They are also ideal for absorbing spills in difficult to access places or where pooling of a spill has occurred.


Units in Pack:16
Size:38 cm x 23 cm
Absorbency:3.7 Litres Per Pillow