Chrome wire shelving system offering strength, excellent air flow and with a wide range of accessories. Ideal for dry store, catering, retail display, medical authorities, hospitals, electronic, engineering and modern offices. Fully adjustable with shelf heights every 25 mm. Huge range of accessories including angled shelves, display baskets and utility rails.

Please see below for Garment rails and ESD anti-static wire shelving along with the 2020 prices.

eclipse chrome wire shelving Merlin

ECLIPSE Chrome Wire Shelving 4 Tier Starter Unit 1625 x 460 x 460

Some of the accessories available in one of the world’s most versatile shelving system.

eclipse chrome wire shelving accessories


Chrome mesh shelving with accessories

Chrome mesh shelving with accessories


Finished in hard wearing nickel chrome, the open wire design is easy to clean and offers excellent strength-to-weight ratio and air flow, making it the ideal choice for dry store shelving, laundry & linen storage, crockery stores, stock room shelving, retail display shelving, paper & stationery storage and much much more.  The range is hugely adaptable thanks to lots of accessories.

Static units have a load capacity of up to 300kg per shelf, making it a great choice for maximising storage in all industries, including  catering & food services, hospitality, medical & hospital stores, electronics, factories, offices and retail display units.

Ideal for Catering : Hospitals : Factories : Retail Display : Offices : Archival Storage : Electronics : Pharmaceuticals

Eclipse Chrome Wired Shelving and accessories

Height 1625, 1820 and 2130 mm

Shelf Depths (Back to Front)

305, 355, 460 and 610 mm

Width of Shelves / Length

610, 760, 915, 1070, 1220, 1370, 1520 and 1820 mm

Eclipse Chrome open wire shelving offers Below

  • Superior strength – 360kg shelf loading.
  • Improved product visibility and air circulation.
  • Less moisture and dust accumulation.

Quick and easy to assemble

  • Fully Adjustable every 25mm.
  • Snap the plastic collar onto any groove on the post and it locks into position.
  • Slide the chosen shelf design or accessory over the post until it rests over the plastic collar.
  • To complete the operation tap the shelf or accessory corners down with a soft faced rubber mallet.

chrome wire shelving bay

• Add extra shelves in seconds
• No need to remove shelves above
• Quick and easy to clean
• Save on time and effort

Standard shelves are required at the top and bottom of the unit. For use with Eclipse shelving only.
Available sizes:

Height 1625, 1820 and 2130 mm

Shelf Depths (Back to Front)

305, 355, 460 and 610 mm

Width of Shelves


610, 760, 915, 1070, 1220, 1370, 1520 and 1820 mm

Download the prices for Chrome Wire Shelving here

Wide range of Accessories available in chrome wire finish.

Chromed Wired Trolley

wire chrome trolley

Secure Chromed Wired Trolley

Chrome wire trolley lockable