Combination ladders or multi-purpose ladders, offer a flexibility over normal ladders. The combination ladder is ideally suited for different solutions such as a stairwell, unlike  a standard ladder, these can help the operator cover a wide variety of tasks and, for the mobile operator having one piece of equipment makes it cheaper and much more effective.

Professional Combination Ladders

PCL306 professional combination ladder as steps

PCL306 professional combination ladder as ladder


Certified to EN 131 Professional
This combination ladder can be used as a stepladder with base stabiliser, free-standing combination ladder & as a 3 part extension ladder
Large comfortable ‘D’ shaped rungs, strong box section stiles, large stabiliser bar & solid sidearms increase safety & stability.

Product Code Specifications
 PCL306Weight kg: 14.5
Extended Length mm: 4100
No of Treads: 3 x 6
Closed Length mm: 1860
Height In ^ Position: 1780
 PCL309Weight kg: 20.5
Extended Length mm: 6100
No of Treads: 3 x 9
Closed Length mm: 2690
Height In ^ Position: 2570
 PCL312Weight kg: 25
Extended Length mm: 8400
No of Treads: 3 x 12
Closed Length mm: 3540
Height In ^ Position: 3360 

Glass Fibre 3-Way Combination Ladder

GFL07Z glass fibre combination Ladders as steps

GFL07Z glass fibre combination Ladders extended

Designed for working in areas with high voltages.

  • Insulated to 10,000 volts
  • Ideal for use in an electrical environment
  • Available for use as a stepladder, extension ladder & free-standing extension ladder. Unique Sliding mechanism makes conversion between modes easy
  • Manufactured from a glass fibre frame with aluminium rungs & nylon support strap
  • Non-slip treads for comfort & safety
  • Wide base & heavy-duty feet for stability & grip
  • 7-Day delivery
Product CodeSpecifications
 GFL06ZNo of Treads: 6
Weight kg: 13
Stepladder Overall Height mm: 2400
Extension Ladder Length mm: 3400
Height When Folded mm: 1770
 GFL07ZNo of Treads: 7
Weight kg: 14.5
Stepladder Overall Height mm: 3000
Extension Ladder Length mm: 4000
Height When Folded mm: 1900

3 Way Aluminium Steps with Stabilisers

3 way aluminium steps with stabilisers

Aluminium combination ladders which can be used as a stepladder, extension ladder or free-standing extension ladder, as well as for use on stairwells

  • Comply to EN-131 Standard
  • 7-day delivery service
  • Luxe 3 features wall wheels as standard and a unique patented adjustable stabiliser
  • Subject to availability
Product Code Specifications
 SV-LX3-7+8+8 No of Rungs: 7 + 8 + 8
Overall Height mm: 2400
Closed Length mm: 2550
Extended Length mm: 5850
 SV-LX3-8+9+9 No of Rungs: 8 + 9 + 9
Overall Height mm: 2700
Closed Length mm: 2850
Extended Length mm: 6450
SV-LX3-9+10+10  No of Rungs: 9 + 10 + 10
Overall Height mm: 3000
Closed Length mm: 3100
Extended Length mm: 7300
 SV-LX3-10+11+11 No of Rungs: 10 + 11 + 11
Overall Height mm: 3300
Closed Length mm: 3400
Extended Length mm: 8500